The 72 Names of the Most High #15. Hariel – LONG-RANGE VISION

AYIN-BET (The 72 Names of God) ~Reflections #15. HEY RESH YUD – Guardian angel, HarielPURIFICATION


How many times have we thought, “I should have seen it coming”? Our lives are often full of heartache and problems simply because we failed to really “see” the situation confronting us. But suppose we could foresee all the…


Kabbalah teaches that ten “curtains” are implanted in our consciousness, limiting our ability to perceive the true reality. As a result, we fail to judge situations accurately. We may get ourselves involved in a relationship, confident that we’ve made the right decision, but it turns out to be the worst mistake of our life. Business opportunities that appear lucrative at the outset become financial black holes.

Likewise, situations that initially appear hopeless can be blessings in disguise.

Lacking the ability to see the long-term consequences of short-term decisions, we have a maddening tendency toward misjudgment.

Before entering into a marriage, a business partnership, or any new venture, we can utilize this Name to ascertain whether trouble awaits us ten to fifteen years down the road.


You have the power of clear vision and foresight in every part of your life. The blindfolds are removed. You grasp the cause-and-effect relationship that governs all reality. Your life choices and actions are motivated by ultimate results, not momentary illusions. You see more through your eyes; you perceive more through your mind’s eye; you feel more through your intuition.


* Depiction of Concealment of the Face *

Suffering torments such as deficient income, poor health, degradations, failing to accomplish one’s plans, and emotional dissatisfaction such as keeping oneself from tormenting one’s friend.

Praying without being answered. Declining when bettering one’s actions, and succeeding when worsening them. Obtaining one’s sustenance in improper manners: deception, stealing, or by desecrating the Shabbat.

All of one’s honest acquaintances suffer poverty, ill health, and degradations of all kinds, and one’s wicked acquaintances mock him every day and succeed in health, wealth, and lead carefree lives.

All of his righteous acquaintances who keep Torah and Mitzvot seem cruel, egotistical, odd or innately stupid and impolite, as well as hypocritical. He finds it repulsive to be with them, even in the Garden of Eden, and he cannot bear to be with them for even a moment.

* Depiction of Disclosure of the Face *

Reception of abundant good and peace, and obtainment of one’s livelihood with ease and to the fullest. One never feels paucity or ill health, he is respected wherever he turns, and successfully and easily accomplishes any plan that comes to his mind.

When one prays, he is immediately answered. When he betters his ways, he is very successful, and when he worsens his ways, he loses his success.

All one’s acquaintances who walk on the right path are wealthy, healthy, know no sickness, are highly respected by people, and dwell in peace and tranquility. And acquaintances who do not follow the right path are of poor income, filled with troubles and pains, are ill, and are loathsome in the eyes of the people.

One considers all the righteous acquaintances as clever, reasonable, well-mannered, truthful, and so comely that it is most pleasurable to be among them.

|||-Rav Yehuda Ashlag 

-image captured from Kabbalah 5 class 8 at Kabbalah Centre
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