Futurism and Science: New Truth and a Total Quality Culture


The lift and pull of a transcendent dream that is carried out with passion, has been at the core of all breakthroughs in human progress and all great organizations.

Fundamental to the new paradigm is our having a huge respect for Mother Earth and therefore examining our consumption habits. Our actualization of the new paradigm is about personally awaking on an individual level and the beginning of us being able to contribute as a steward of the planet to reduce the harm that we’ve been doing as human beings. This will be our united efforts to put things to right through getting together and listening to each other and [en]visioning the future, creating a more evolved, golden age with a shared planetary identity.

In a more holistic and spiritual perspective, we find an overview of a consciousness whose form is shared by all living creatures, and amplified as such as the inner form of human self-awareness. In a functional integration of science and spirituality, a long-concealed, mystical revelation will, of necessity, rise to resonate with the sciences of the brain and universe.

As a result, the source of our sense of the sacred and a numinous awe and wonder conferring a collective sense of intrinsic purpose and meaning would rests on the human self-aware amplification and symbolization of the basic forms and structure of that living consciousness.

We must constantly, responsively, and incessantly challenge all existing paradigms. The Total Quality Culture (TQC) organization of the 1990s is value-centered and value-led. TQC-focused executives who are TMLs (Tough-Minded Leaders) lead and pull team members toward the practice of a comprehensive battery of new paradigms. Your team— indeed your entire organization— can learn and adopt this new culture as their own.

Key TQC cultural components include:

• Commitment to transcendent vision, missions and goals.
• Recognizing that people will follow learners. They will not follow knowers.
• Targeting the creative and logical deployment of people’s strengths as the organization principle of the future.
• Continually translating values into action.
• Placing a premium on the team at all times.
• Fostering and training self-led teams.
• Promoting passionate rather than passive behavior.
• Targeting results that pull, not push.
• Providing dynamic autonomy, delegation and empowerment.
• Fostering the shared belief that “we can accomplish anything: the difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer.”
• Personal leadership that others want to emulate and follow. Leadership is simply not possible without people who are willing to follow.
• Rewarding learners rather than knowers.
• A pervasive culture of commitment to continuous learning and to new dimensions of service.
• Understanding and practicing leadership at every level and every part of the organization.
• Creating job evaluation criteria based on innovation, quality, creativity, and change. Performance is all that matters!
• Creating policies and programs that build and enhance a high level of physical, mental, and spiritual energy.
• Stretching and clarifying all dimensions of the culture.
• Giving earned praise freely. Don’t stint!

Daily exposure to one or more of these statements can change attitudes throughout the organization.

We human beings are walking bundles of blessings and possibilities, and the world in which we live provides vastly more opportunities for growth, change, and enrichment than we can perceive.

The greatest gift of all is the ability and opportunity to learn! We must constantly alter our paradigms, our visions, our values, and what we are becoming. Central to the Total Quality Culture is the opportunity to share learning so that all group activity is synergistic. The great corporations of tomorrow will, above all, be learning corporations. They will consistently move toward a culture that provides alignment, creativity, and empowerment.

Total Quality Cultures are superior cultures. Superior cultures are of, by, about, and for people who care enough to share. They are aware of the wonders, uniqueness, strengths, and possibilities of everyone with whom they associate. They enjoy helping others fulfill their highest values and become all they can be. These people are at a premium. We need more of them.

Do you care, share, and dare enough to be aware of the infinite possibilities just waiting to be discovered in others? If you happen to have found this blog, I’m going to bet that you do.


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