The 72 Names of God #16 – Hekamiah – Dumping Depression – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

AYIN-BET (The 72 Names of God) ~Reflections #16. HEY KUF MEM – Guardian angel, Hekamiah, “God Who Constructed the Universe”
Life is fraught with obstacles and tests that sometimes knock us off our feet. When we do lose our balance and fall flat on our faces, it’s important to stand up again rather than to sink into doubt and depression … and dust ourselves off.


Ascending the spiritual ladder requires far more greatness and strength than conquering nations, building empires, or attaining great wealth.

The negative forces (our ego) that dwell in the world use a two-step plan against us. They:

1. Make us fall

2. Keep us down through feelings of guilt and depression over our setbacks

Getting up again generates greater spiritual Light in the world than if we had never fallen in the first place. The fact that we fell is not what’s important. True greatness lies in the act of rising again.

But depression is an alluring emotional state. In point of fact, it’s downright tempting, for it, too, arouses energy within a downhearted individual. But the nature of this energy is negative and nocuous, whereas the spiritual energy of the Light is positive and transformational.

When we rise out of our depression with the intent to reveal Light in the world, positive energy envelops us, bringing great blessings and untold joy to all existence.


The emotional strength to stand after you stumble, to rise after you fall, and to endure when the path seems unendurable is bestowed upon you.

This angel’s name, Hekamiah, has a feminine energy and represents the 15th and 20th degree of Gemini. In the angel hierarchy he is a Cherub, he is part of the sefirah of Hochmah, and his governing Archangel is Raziel. His planetary energies are Uranus / The Moon and he represents the element of Air.

His name means: “God Who Constructed the Universe.”

He symbolizes: Grace and Friendship. He offers the protection of powerful figures and helps you to acquire the divine grace and friendship of important people. The angel Hekamiah's stone is Sodalite and his colors are Pale / Indigo. Of the 7 charisms, he rules over: Prophecies.

The qualities given to you by the angel Hekamiah

The guardian angel Hekamiah brings you loyalty to the principals of the divine. He gives you a regal demeanor and fills you with nobility and honesty.

He helps you to honor your commitments. Under his influence and protection, you can easily become a peacemaker and coordinator. By his side you can also become a boss, a president, and a leader. You can be the savior of all.

The angel Hekamiah helps you to discover universal and unconditional love. This is the highest form of love which has the power to touch and unify the heart with its authenticity and which restores the universal connection between all human beings.

He is the angel of social and political organizations and helps you to take on responsibilities which allow you to answer for your actions. In other words, he allows you to assume and bear the consequences of what you have done.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Hekamiah

The angel Hekamiah protects you from treachery, war, betrayal, and revolt, as well as from heartbreak and from being ripped apart by others. He lifts any kind of envy or jealousy from your heart and mind while also keeping you from becoming overly materialistic.

He helps if you have an overly snobbish or arrogant lifestyle or if you have an inferiority or superiority complex. Furthermore, he helps bring you change if you have too much love for yourself, and helps regulate any excess selfishness or passion. He also keeps you from being overly ambitious and from putting others on a pedestal.

Hekamiah protects you from people who would get in the way of acts towards the greater good and who would bring division, conflicts, and arguments to the heart of a group. This guardian angel prevents you from feeling underappreciated and from acting irresponsibly.


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