Humankind has reached a Very Important Crossroads

We are now living at the final stage of the global correction, what is called the last generation, and therefore, it is imperative that we must awaken each other. Otherwise, nature will increase the pressure on us day after day to show that we are in a very serious and dangerous process.

We are spoiled and do not understand that a small change in nature is enough for us to start dying from hunger, scorching heat, and catastrophic floods.

We do not yet know what tests nature is preparing for us to teach us bit by bit. If it were simply to break us, it would be easy to do. But the Creator does not want that. He does everything to teach us.

Through corporeal adversity, He helps us discover through what internal changes we can rise above physical suffering. By building a spiritual network of connections on top of what is happening on the corporeal level, we will wake up more and more and reveal what is happening in the global system.

Fires, floods, and extreme heat are the reaction of nature to what is happening in the relations between people. And in order to put everything in order, it is necessary only to establish correct connections between us. The more we unite, the more we will soften the attitude of the Creator toward us and manifest the same forms in a positive way.

Instead of flooding, we will get a lot of water for beneficial use, instead of fires, we will get warmer, and even viruses will become useful. We can make all phenomena favorable. Everything depends only on our attitude toward nature.

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