Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom – The Secret of Yichud / Oneness


* Yichud means THIS MOMENT IS EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD BE. Yichud consciousness is to know that this moment, the love of the creator is with me, and I am open to receiving it. I am open as well to giving it. Because, when I am truly with yichud, we have “echad,” which is oneness.

And when I have that oneness in thought and experience, I will then gradually start to think this new way, if, like before, I become reactive and miss my mark and so on…

At that time all the body’s limbs are gathered and connected into one, so they will all be according to the same meaning above and below, according to the mystery of “there shall be one YHVH, and his name one” [‘yiheyeh YHVH ’echad u-shemo ’echad’ –Zechariah 14:9].

For that reason, in the word “one” [’echad] the pronunciation of two letters [chet and dalet] is lengthened, to gather lilies so as to be united by means of the same mystery by the complete meditation [yehuda shalim].

Thus, the Blessed Holy One is one and only above and below. The mystery of unity [sod ha-yichud] is the mystery of the unity of existence, and the emanating of the trueness of the Blessed Name; he is “One”…

Whoever declares the unity of the name of the Blessed Holy One should direct his heart and will to the unification [yehuda] we have mentioned and connect all his limbs by means of the meditation, so that all his limbs will all become one.
|- from ‘The Book of the Mystery of Unity‘ by Rav Hamnuna Saba

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