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|~Reflections from “Angels” by Rav Berg in ‘Kabbalah Magazine Volume 2, Issue no. 1 (November 1996)

Angels, along with their Hebraic names, are just another example, just another aspect of the fast‑moving “Internet” of revolutionary knowledge that is now overtaking the consciousness of mankind. In our modern lives, so riddled by sudden changes, immediate adaptation is the only choice available to us. We have to travel the express lane or simply fall behind. With the advent of the computer age, we managed to face the problem of coming to grips with the unfamiliar, with having to learn an entirely new array of concepts and language.

This same idea applies to how we can come to grips with knowledge, unfamiliar to most of us, regarding angels. We can either reject the idea of resorting to something that sounds unfamiliar (I’m fully aware it can be a dilemma for many, confronting a strange combination of Hebrew letters, having never been exposed to any language other than English) ‑ or, we can embrace this universal tool to enhance our lives, regardless of our personal hang­-ups. It’s been done before. And it will happen again.

The difference now, the advantage we have in this Aquarius Age over the days of the dawning computer age, is how available information has become, including information about angels. It’s everywhere. At the same time, let us not forget for one moment that the subject of angels is nothing new ‑ its origins date back 4,000+ years.
The great Kabbalist, Rav Isaac Luria, known as The Ari, explains in his writings that angels are energy forces, both good and bad, which are formed by the personal words and deeds of people. When a person occupies himself or herself with spirituality, prayer, meditation, and acts of sharing, the breaths of air that leaves the mouth become a chariot, a vehicle for these angels – they are informants of our own creation. Although these positive and negative entities have existed since long before we came into this world, they remain dormant, in a state of suspension, until such time as we create the suitable garment or vehicle through which they reveal themselves or make themselves manifest.

So the subject of angels has taken on new relevance and importance. The information concerning angels is more than information. It is knowledge, a necessary tool for acquiring a life free from chaos. As long as mankind has remained negligent about addressing the issue of accountability, however, that knowledge has remained concealed and inaccessible.

Different angels exist to cover varied, in fact infinite, plans and purposes. There are those angels, for example, who are appropriate for carrying messages intended to reach the Lord. Moreover, each day brings with it a dif­ferent host of angels to replace those of the day before, each angel designated to a different task and purpose.

The subject of angels is not one to be regarded as a curious notion that simply captures our imagination. It must be considered as a serious matter. Our lives may very well be affected by this knowledge. An angel is a powerful Light force entity, though it may not always be a “guardian angel.”

In understanding the power that the knowledge of angels can give us, we begin to see that angels are no longer just for children’s stories. Yet, in many ways, the con­cept of angels has been kept alive through those same children’s stories, which did not succumb to Murphy’s Law. Isn’t it remarkable how truth appeals to chil­dren?

Thanks to all those wonderful guardian angels, with such beautiful wings.

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| – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

The Shemhamphorash (216 letter “hidden name” of G-d)
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