A Society We should Prefer – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom


Every creative act in the world comes from the quality of bestowal upon one’s fellow person. Thus, we should restrict and reject thoughts that are for the self alone, and we ought to fill our minds only with thoughts of bestowal upon our fellow person.

The Creator, or “Nature,” like a skillful judge, punishes us according to our development. For we can see that to the extent that humankind develops, the pains and torments obtaining our sustenance and existence also multiply. In our generation, when each person is being assisted in his happiness by all the other countries and people in the world, it is necessary that to this extent, the individual becomes enslaved to the whole world, like a wheel inside of a machine.

The body has its organs and these are one. This is called homeostasis and is the society in which each of us should wish to live. So be it.

The whole body exchanges thoughts and sensations with each of its organs. For example, if the whole body thinks that a certain organ should serve it and satisfy it, this organ immediately knows that thought and provides the contemplated pleasure. The adverse is also true if an organ thinks and feels that the place it is in is too narrow, the rest of the body immediately knows that thought and sensation and moves it to a more comfortable place.

When all human beings do finally agree to resist and eradicate their wanton desire to receive for themselves alone and have no other want but to love and share with their friends, all worries and jeopardy in the world would cease to exist. We would all be assured of a whole and wholesome life since each of us would have a whole world caring for us, ready to satisfy our needs.

Yet, while maybe each of us has only a desire to receive for one’s self alone, this is the source of all the worries, suffering, wars, and slaughter we cannot escape.