Integrality Moving Towards the Mutual Guarantee – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom


—–There is interdependence among us in the global-integral world into which humanity has evolved. This is why the egoistic connections among us have stopped functioning. That gap between our egoism and our interconnectedness is the reason for the crisis.

—–The laws of the global-integral world compel us to connect in mutual guarantee and act as cells in a single organism for the benefit of the entire populace.

—–When mutual guarantee and social solidarity are the basis of a new economic paradigm—a balanced and functional economy—as dictated by the laws of the global-integral world, we will achieve a life of comfort, personal and social prosperity, and a harmonious and sustainable system.

—–Providing information and education, and creating a supportive environment are necessary for us to connect in mutual guarantee.

—–The economy is a reflection of our social relations. Hence, the crisis in the economy is first and foremost a crisis in our interrelations.

—–The function of man is egoistic—aiming to maximize profit for self. In a reality of scarcity, that function creates an inherent conflict between people, manifesting in competition and a zero-sum game where one’s gain is necessarily another’s loss.

Behavioral Economics Implies a New Direction and a New Solution to the Crisis

If we understand the critical impact that the nature of people’s relations has on the economy, we will understand the kind of economic system that we must build in order for it to carry out its roles effectively and maintain its stability. When the economic and financial systems adapt themselves to the global-integral world, where economic ties cross borders and firms, and where people depend on and affect one another, it will stabilize the socioeconomic system. Only then will the system avoid shocks and frequent crises that take a heavy toll on us.

Yet, not only the economy must change. Because the economic and financial systems are reflections of human relations, the entire international community must provide solutions that rearrange the system of human relations. In other words, when our attitudes change toward bonding, unity, social cohesion, care for others, and mutual guarantee, we will discover the solution to today’s economic paradigm.

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