DIALING GOD from the 19th of the 72 Names of God + Zohar passages – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

AYIN-BET (The 72 Names of God) ~Reflections #19. LAMED VAV VAV – Guardian angel, Lauvaviah – “Expansive Intelligence/Fruition”


Are you constantly getting a busy signal when you pray? Is there too much static on the line? Are you constantly getting cut off each time you dial up? Is it hard to get an outside line?


The Light is always there, never changing, forever willing and able to fulfill our every desire, to answer our every prayer. Just like the electricity in our homes, it is ever present, but we must plug into it in order to physically receive its many benefits.

There are many negative forces that attempt to block and impede our prayers as they travel the spiritual network. We create these negative forces with our own negative behavior and unkind words. In the same way as freezing rain and ice can down a power line, our cold and bitter behavior breaks down the lines of communication to the source of all blessings.

This Name clears all obstructions, provided we acknowledge that we alone are responsible for getting our prayers answered. It repairs broken lines, removes interference, and establishes a secure line of communication to the Upper World.


You dial. You connect. Your prayers are answered at the speed of “Light.”


Vayechi: Verse 229

All the people in the world come to be judged before the most high King and He judges them on Rosh Hashanah and on Yom Kippur until the fifteenth day of the month. Thus, it was found out that Yisrael had all succeeded in repenting, and had worked hard in building the Sukkah and acquiring a Lulav and Etrog. It is not known who won the judgment. The supernal angels ask who has won, and the Holy One, blessed be He, says ‘they who hold My signs in their hands, THE FOUR KINDS, have received a favorable judgment.’

__Verse 230

On that day, Yisrael leave with a mark from the King with a song of glory and enter the Sukkah, Etrog in their left hand, a Lulav in their right. Every one sees that Yisrael are written in the King’s list, and open and say, “Happy is that people, that is in such a case, happy is that people, whose Elohim is Hashem” (Tehilim 144:15).






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  1. Josko Sestan Avatar
    Josko Sestan

    now I comprehend where the Muslim Fanatics got their number for Virgins in Paradise, 72!

    1. Josiah Haltom Avatar

      Yes, everything in the original blueprint of the universe- the Tree of Life (ZOHAR) – is scattered in all these various parts of the one vessel, our common soul. It is now the aim in this domain that this connection is more ready to be see we to it that when all the sparks are gathered and the vessels are mended, rectification made for each one, every account fulfilled. Unity.

      The darkness separates, the light unites, and it is our duty as heralds of the Jubilee * to take the light to the darkness all the way to the Final Redemption, when…… wait for it…… the 216 letter Name is made One by you mankind here WE GO ++ the Moslems, the Christians, the Iew, me and you too


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