Conscious Action Theory (CAT) – Quantum Computing within the Connection Between Us


Conscious Action Theory provides a logical unification between the spirit and the material, by identifying reality as an event that processes personal experiences into explanatory memories, from which personal experiences are regenerated in a never-ending cycle of activity. We explore here, the idea that our personal feelings are undeniable facts that have been systematically excluded from the basic sciences, thereby leaving us with a schizophrenic division between objective materialism and spiritual idealism.

Conscious Action Theory (CAT) achieves this unification by recognizing that the observer’s existence is the foundational premise underlying all scientific inquiry. It develops an event-oriented physical theory in which the first-person observer is central. By analyzing the methods through which we human observers gain knowledge and create the belief systems within which our experiences are explained, we discover a fundamental truth: all systems are observers and exhibit some form of internal awareness. Events, not the objects appearing in them, are the fundamental building blocks of reality. This is to address the paradigm shift from an object to an event-oriented world view, and it also develops the foundations of action physics for an event-oriented world view and the third provides examples of how these new ideas can be applied to move our knowledge up the next evolutionary step of human development.

So, we can imagine two readers sitting at two desks, each one reading at different rates or even skipping back and forward. Each one experiences a different story depending on the path through this post, and each one experiences a Now instant dependent on the pages one happens to have open. Occasionally one of the readers looks up and sends a message to the other. Since action is conserved there is no ink outside the pages, so messages must be composed of material extracted from the book.

The receiver attempts to incorporate the message by modifying his or her own book and will presumably do so if the receiver’s lifetime history is thereby improved. If absorbed,the message modifies the state of both events.

The receiver may return another message, perhaps as an acknowledgment including some payment. However,these are not the deterministic state changes within each universe but involve mental evaluation and are akin to the jumps happening during the measurement process of quantum theory.

Exactly how,when or where each interaction message is perceived by the other system will depend on their individual configuration. What is clear is that the interactions between otherwise isolated events will result in accommodations to those messages in each of the participating systems. This accommodation will consist of updates to a model in each participating universe that explains what caused the message and how interactions with it can be formed to achieve the desired improvement.

Such images as these set the stage for the development of the detailed action-flow model that is constructed in each isolated system in order to acknowledge and manipulate whatever it believes exists outside itself.

This development transforms a stand-alone system that may contain a solipsistic dream to an interactive action-flow structure. Such an interaction structure will become our model of the conscious being.

Toward this end we will modify the self-contained action loop by identifying specialized space cells that divert some of the action flowing through the internal model back into the external unknowable. A CAT flow model of an interacting conscious being is then analyzed by tracing the logic flow required to receive, become aware of and send action commands back to the outside.

The fundamental CAT algorithm in this model explains sensations by tracing a cause-and-effect chain backward in time and then creating action plans that stretch back from the future to terminate with the immediate Now commands sent to the outside.

The ultimate cause in the model will be identified as the symbolic origin of what the Being believes to be its Self, and the significance of this symbol to control the fundamental tenets by which the higher processing levels are controlled will be explained.

At this stage we will have documented a single optimum response based on a single set of knowledge coded into a being’s memory of the external world. However, the typical human is aware of the limitations of his or her knowledge and hence the flow of action cannot be singularly deterministic. Instead a simultaneous calculation of possible alternatives, each appropriate for a different guess as to the actual state of the external world is required.

The presentation of multiple parallel executions followed by an optimum command selection then completes the model of a cognitive being. It has previously been shown in this research / discovery that when the action flow is restricted to “small-enough” reversible changes it can be represented with linear algebra. In that case, we shall show in the World to Come, that our theory reduces a cognitive being to an operating quantum computer.

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An Introduction to the Event-Oriented World View: Conscious Action Theory” by Wolfgang Baer (2020)


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