The 72 Names of God #38 – Circuitry – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom


Constant desire to receive for the self alone creates a bottomless pit, a black hole that eventually leaves us in darkness. The dark side of our nature tells us that we’re doing others a favor when we share. Our ego makes us oblivious to the fact that we receive when we give to others.

We can greedily and selfishly grab for all that life offers, or we can appreciate what we receive and share a portion of it with others. Receiving for the sake of sharing creates a circuitry, a constant flow of good fortune in our lives.

The secret behind sharing is found inside the numerical value of this particular Name of God, which is 118—the exact same numerical value of the Hebrew word for “will take.”

When we share, we are actually taking and receiving blessings in return. But if we share with a consciousness of “giving something up,” or “doing someone a favor,” the circuitry is broken. Like light trapped in a black hole, the blessings that should have been ours are unable to reach us.


This Name helps you to receive when you share and share when you receive. You see the opportunity that sharing gives and you are aware that when you receive with the right consciousness, you are also sharing. This is the circuitry of life. Connect to it and you move out of the black hole and into the Light.

|- Rav Berg (2007)

“How are we to remove these [temporary] illusionary concepts from our consciousness inasmuch as death and aging have been around for quite some time? We begin by elevating our consciousness and achieving a heightened awareness. We stop taking everything for granted just for the reason that it is the way it’s always been.”

“This is what quantum consciousness can achieve. With a convincing consciousness as to the absolute reality, the feasibility of living forever, this power of the mind has achieved the desired results of quantum belief in immortality. Since we are part of God, eternity is an inherent part of us. We can now begin to understand why immortality is real and mortality is the illusion. Mortality implies something of a nonpermanent nature. Mortality dictates that a body will endure for a limited time only. It is here now, gone tomorrow. Immortality is closely associated with an eternal or permanent nature of things.”


“Once an individual has entered into his ascension in the Light, he is free to go on and pass through initiation after initiation, being changed, as St. Paul said, “from glory to glory, even as unto the Lord” (2 Corinthians 3:18). In the realm where time and space are compressed by revelation, achievement and service, the godly, dwelling in a paradise of immortal perfection, are constantly invited to move forward into the transcendence of the Godhead. There is no ultimate anywhere in the universe, and the higher planes of consciousness are all part of the great Tree of Life… It is the Tree of Heaven in who’s branches the birds of the air come and nest.”

|~Mark L. & Elizabeth C. Prophet (2006)


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  1. Leila Avatar

    Thank you so very much! Beautiful share! Gratitude, Shabbat Shalom! Namaste! 🪷

  2. Jimmy Burgess Avatar
    Jimmy Burgess

    This is brilliant and not a coincidence that I find this post at this moment I was just Meditating on Psalms 91 moments before finding this name, Circuitry.

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