A Secret of Mind Over Matter – The Messiah Code


Why does the Bible tell us that the Messiah is going to arrive riding a donkey? Can’t the Messiah fly in? Or why can’t he arrive on a majestic royal white horse? Why a donkey? Why an Ass?

Instead of asking these questions, and demanding answers, we are all sitting around waiting for the Messiah to arrive. We’ve been waiting for 20 centuries already.

If you were the Messiah, and you could end the pain and suffering, would you wait 20 centuries to come?

I didn’t think so.

+ Here is the 2000 year old secret behind the Donkey and the Messiah. The Hebrew word for donkey and the word for physical matter are almost identical.

They are made up of the same letters.

חמור — donkey

חוֹמֶר — matter

The Kabbalists tell us that this is a code for mind-over-matter. The concept of the Messiah riding and ruling over the donkey is really all about the human mind ruling over matter.

The Messiah is within all of us.

Instead of waiting for a Messiah to arrive, we are really waiting for mind-over-matter to arrive.

And instead of waiting for mind-over-matter to arrive, we need to get busy reclaiming this power, because we have surrendered it and handed it over to matter by our (ego’s) belief in matter’s superiority.

The only thing that prevents us from reclaiming mind-over-matter is our doubts—caused by ego—which makes us believe that matter is more powerful. And then, that VERY belief makes it so (re read that last point over and over)!


The power to remove all of our doubt is given to us by the meditative scanning of the Zohar every day. This power is also given to us by acts of uncomfortable sharing, and by the Torah reading during the Sabbath, and by allowing our ego to get pummeled in our day-to-day life.

As the ego weakens, belief in mind over matter and the actual power of mind over matter increase. Instead of using our ego to react and fight against other people’s ego, we must allow our ego to become diminished. As we rule over our ego, our mind rules over matter. Each time we resist our reactions and let go, we reclaim an equal measure of mind over matter.


How simple a formula for mind-over-matter is that?

Now the ego will give you a few dozen skeptical reasons why this won’t work.



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