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Attainment to Immortality and Reverse Entropy

Today, and only in our time, have scientists been exploring genetic engineering, and soon, in our day, the genetic coding for immortality and reversing the aging process will become known.

Thinking about how the entire universe, physical and metaphysical, celestial and terrestrial, are affected by consciousness and the activity of humankind, is left to the kabbalist. However, Kabbalah is a methodology and teaching of a permanent nature. It evolves in a process that could stretch over centuries and millenniums. The durable and eternal are not here today and gone tomorrow. There is an essence of which mankind has far too long been unaware, blinded to its presence, and that essence is the Lightforce of God.

One of the most significant changes that have overtaken mankind (since the 20th Century) is that we have begun to think. Until now, so much emphasis was placed on the physical realm. Almost forgotten was the unseen, nonobservable plane which, we must admit, is where things begin.

On the surface, the task of changing universal consciousness would appear a difficult, if not impossible, one to achieve. The master magician convinces us that chaos is a true reality in our familiar landscape and that death is an indisputable truth of reality. The truth of the matter is, though, that we have simply been programmed into its acceptance as an integral part of religious observance. However, when the Lightforce of Divinity becomes assertive, the material becomes subjective and completely dominated by the Lightforce.

The moment we can come to grips with self-criticism and realize that we are directly responsible for the chaos around us because of the choices we make and the actions we take, then we have crossed a major bridge to immortality. The fundamental feature of “mind over matter” is that we must accept the principle that our mind is really all that exists, consciousness.

So, now, in this present Age of Aquarius, we will come to a collective realization that there is nothing out there but consciousness. At this level of understanding, chaos, ill health, financial failure, and all the rest of the dismal litany of Murphy’s Law will be seen for what they are—illusionary manifestations of mind and consciousness. When our consciousness is elevated to the level where we recognize the body for what it really is, merely a subjective vehicle for Lightforce-Soul expression, then the physical body no longer holds sway or dominates the Lightforce-Soul. The body no longer can place its limitations on the Lightforce-Soul.

Provide this final opportunity so that mankind can elevate its consciousness to the level of freedom from the illusory grasp of the material world–this is what the Lightforce is prepared to do at a moment’s notice. “Just flip the switch,” whispers the Lightforce. “You need not concern yourself with the fears of chaos and mortality or how to rid your existence of the scourge of pain and suffering.” Kabbalah teaches us how to turn on the Lightforce. That’s it in a nutshell. That is the purpose of Kabbalah, to live is the switch to say goodbye to chaos and mortality and hello to immortality.

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