Attaining the Emanator – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom


It is written, “For you did not see any image.” This requires interpretation, for what fool would think and gather that there is any corporeal similitude in the Creator? But in truth, this is why there is attainment in the Creator in the world, for no desire awakens for that which does not exist in reality.

Rather, we can discuss this in the spiritual kind and in its ordinances, which is more spiritual than the whole of reality. This is the meaning of the mind, whose form grips man’s sensation in discerning truth and falsehood. This distinction is called “the mind’s body,” according to the perception of the corporeal ones. For this reason, this discernment was defined as “part of God above,” which is truly devoid of any similitude, but is only gripped in the senses and is called “a decision” or “reality,” or “absence of reality,” which is clarified in laws and ways. That verse is called “the body of the mind and its image.” We can say about it that this verse is part of God above, for which this image is included in oneself and one’s perception of oneself and one’s existence.

|- Rav Ashlag, “From My Flesh I Shall See God

“[Resurrection] will occur by means of holy [spiritual] droplets that manifest the Name of God whose numerical value is that of the word for “dew.” These [droplets] descent from the brain of Zeir Anpin to its Yesod, and from there to the “land of the living” and Malchut. The Israelite souls there receive [these droplets] and come to live.”

|-Sefer HaLikutim, parshat Emor – in the translation of Rabbi Moshe Wisnefsky, seeApples from the Orchard‘.

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