The World Kabbalah Movement – Mutual Guarantee – The Force of Connection


….it will start with groups of idealists who will support each other in their spiritual journey. Newcomers will be educated to become altruistic so they can join the journey…” (Rav Ashlag)

“Perhaps, as a society, we would feel the necessity to elevate our consciousness, most particularly by questioning the way in which we behave with one another. With that manner of elevated consciousness, we would know that there is power in the words we speak, and we would guard them more carefully. We would see the connection between our words and our deeds, and their combined effects and influence on our own lives and the world around us.

-HaRav Berg

“Because we are living in an integrated universe, where everything is interconnected and interdependent, we, too, are being developed in that same direction. This is why [that] for all our efforts to supersede others, in the end, we are still dependent on everyone else……. The genuine human connection of mutual care and consideration will free us from worrying about ourselves and rid us of stress, problems, and struggles. The power of love and giving will fill all of creation, and this is the integral force that connects all parts of nature into a wonderful seamless fabric for an ultimately fulfilling existence……. Our evolution toward an interdependent society aims higher than society itself. It is intended to reveal to us the interdependence of all of creation, that everything is harmonious, and all the pieces of creation complement one another. The final outcome of our evolution is complete awareness of the universe where we exist on all its levels: physical, mental, and spiritual.

|-Michael Laitman, Ph.D.

Mutual guarantee (Arvut) is the general law of creation, as well as the particular law of any human being. If we constantly check ourselves for compliance with this law, we will not be mistaken and will advance to the goal of creation in the shortest possible way. If I stop checking myself for mutual guarantee, I will immediately stumble, fall, or lose the way, and I will have to return to the connection of mutual guarantee again to be sure that I am moving in the right direction. To the extent I feel a lack of mutual guarantee in myself and make an effort to achieve it, pray, and include myself in the group, I advance and elevate myself from the path of suffering to the path of light.

The law of mutual guarantee and my attitude to unification determines all my advancement and the extent to which my path will be right and straight without looping and falling. A fall becomes as fast as the pinch of the devil, just one second is enough to wake up and take a step forward. I fall and wake up, fall and wake up, with great speed, thousands of times daily.

Therefore, one must feel how the law of mutual guarantee operates within the whole of creation right now. We exist in the corrected system even now, but we simply cannot see it because we judge from our flaws; therefore, we see the system as corrupted. Each time, we must see the system more and more corrected by becoming more and more included in mutual guarantee, and this is all our work.

The test is how much I humble myself in front of society. If the group has accepted some condition for its advancement, I can agree with it or not; but until I share the opinion of the group, I will not fulfill the law of mutual guarantee, and therefore will not be directed to spirituality, to the purpose of creation, to the goal of life, to the Creator who is in the center of the group. Therefore, I must constantly check to what extent I agree with the group, with the teacher, with what the Kabbalists write, and in this way direct myself toward correction more accurately. In essence, this is the correction.

Mutual guarantee is the iron law of the spiritual system. It is realized in us at every moment, each time returning us to bestowal, to faith above reason, in direction toward the goal, forcing us to include ourselves in the group and humble ourselves before the ten. All this is included in the law of mutual guarantee. Mutual guarantee is the common name for the total of the conditions we must fulfill in order to become one man in the system of our Common Soul.

Bestowing to a person is more important than directly bestowing to the Creator. Love for one’s neighbor as for oneself precedes the love for the Creator. Love for the Creator arises to the extent that we realize love for a neighbor, it comes from the upper light that fills the corrected vessels. It turns out that all our work is to fill the created beings.

|~insights cited from Rav Michael Laitman’s blog (January 11, 2020)


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