Torus Energy Field – The Primary Connection System for Everything

“The torus is a surface generated by the revolution of any closed plane curve or contour about an axis lying in its plane.”


What is a torus beyond a spacial mathematical model? Let’s investigate it from an energetic perspective.  Its function is interactive with matter. Geometry represents a system of dimensional form. As a system, it has symbolic implications we humans are still seeking to understand. The better I understand the symbolic representations of a system, the more likely I am to affect work within it.

Some enlightened people have made groundbreaking connections between geometry and the behavior of energy. Our universe speaks powerfully of its relationship with specific shapes such as spheres and curves. For example, Earth is a sphere due to the effects of the energetic systems, gravity, and magnetism. At the atomic level, the torus has a close symbolic association with the dynamic fields generated by the motions of atoms and molecules. The tendency toward bilateral symmetry on earth strongly suggests a structural influence in the design of everything.

The torus symbolically represents the conduit between physical form, based on self-beliefs, and what is possible beyond. The torus, as a field of probabilities, encapsulates an energetic illusion of separateness while protecting the form from potential wholeness. For example, a shell protects a chick until it is capable of breaking through on its own.

The Dynamic Motion of the Torus

The torus has an apple-like appearance (energetically) with vortex-like energy flowing within. From an entrance point or central thought processing point above the head of the form spinning down through the form itself at the central axis point and continuing downward toward and exiting at a point where the flow changes to an upward spiral that expands out spherically giving the core where the form resides a wide space, like the skin covering an apple, then back to the top and thus begins the cycles again uninterrupted in its motion.

The torus also acts like a cocoon, keeping you in and others of a different belief out. Any information beyond the torus of self is in the form of an awareness of wholeness or oneness. The self is free to interpret benefit or threat. Such a system supports duality by allowing the illusion of resistance through complements while encouraging the forms to think beyond it.

Feeding within the torus is about form having the freedom to experience while having the belief of being separate, needing a constant supply of validation to sustain that belief. The stronger the need for reassurance of its separate existence, the more impenetrable the torus becomes to input or output. Without new input, the form must rely only on the recycling of output. Letting go of needs and being willing to consider possibilities loosens the protective grip of torus over the energy flow around the form, allowing new information in and a way to release what is no longer needed.

Once full consciousness is achieved, the torus is no longer required except as a vehicle.

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