“We can disintegrate our defects and dissolve the psychological “I” only by means of this science of transmutations. We can modify our errors, transmute the vile metals into pure gold and command only by means of the science of transmutations.”

– Samael Aun Weor

The word transmutation originally applied to our entire being, to everything about us. Really, to transmute comes from that famous phrase from alchemy, “to transmute lead into gold.” It means to purge the lead, which is a dense, heavy, and impure metal, and reduce it into its quintessence—in other words, to reduce it to the most basic components that originally made it, and from that, to perfect it.

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  1. Gorgeous Picture that says it ALL so far. Blaze Nissi and I will be SHARING Y-OUR Knowledge and WISDOM with All who are worthy through the ‘door’ by knocking. The DOOR is NOW OPEN to these worthy SEEKERS who have NOW COME to drink from the EVERLASTING FOUNTAIN! His New Name is ‘IN I SE’!

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