Transmutations – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

The word transmutation originally applied to our entire being, to everything about us. Really, to transmute comes from that famous phrase from alchemy, “to transmute lead into gold.” It means to purge the lead, which is a dense, heavy, and impure metal, and reduce it into its quintessence—in other words, to reduce it to the most basic components that originally made it, and from that, to perfect it.


  • Meditation: Here I accomplish nothing less than the complete transformation of negative situations into positive opportunities and blessings. Manna rains down upon me. Life begins to taste like anything my soul desires or imagines. I have the power to transform all of my hardships into beauty and strength. I get into a positive head space, knowing that from there – anything is possible. The challenges that lie before me are here for a reason. The Light encourages and allows me to learn from them and grow.







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  1. deniseTmartin Avatar

    Gorgeous Picture that says it ALL so far. Blaze Nissi and I will be SHARING Y-OUR Knowledge and WISDOM with All who are worthy through the ‘door’ by knocking. The DOOR is NOW OPEN to these worthy SEEKERS who have NOW COME to drink from the EVERLASTING FOUNTAIN! His New Name is ‘IN I SE’!

  2. Blaze Nissi (First of His name) Avatar

    Terrific Blog. Josiah and I share a similar vision. I recommend his work to members of the New Society.

    His Magesty Blaze Nissi (First of His Name)
    The Principal of Heaven Town

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