Why does the Ego Create Space-Time: Insights from the Metaverse, the Messiah, and the Zohar

Physicists have a hard time explaining why the universe expands and contracts.

The answers to this wonder have been revealed to us by the Kabbalists, although long concealed from the masses.

Inasmuch, every time we – for whatever reason – react negatively, we then create extra space-time. This is why time is called Mercy.

The Messiah and the complete and Final Redemption of we, the living who is real, the Kabbalists tell us, is an event horizon guaranteed to advent before the 7th millennium. {Currently, it’s the year 5782.} – Okay. >>

So, why then does the ego create space-time?

Thank the heavens for our acquired desire to correct our egoism, so that when the boomerang of consequences comes back to us, it will miss us, because we are no longer the same person. 😮 Just wow.

When we choose not to react, ‘Pause-what a pleasure’, we then become a different person * literally. This would be so since consciousness is everything. Alas, if we can remove the space existing between peoples, we can remove space from our bodies and consciousness and edge closer to immortality and endless bliss in a *Paradisical Age. *

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