Balance, Cooperation, Complete Repair, and Mutual Guarantee – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

Opening 69 of 138 Openings of Wisdom
by Moshe Chaim Luzzatto


“The foundation of the repair lies in a balance such that all the lights must carry out their repairs taking each other into account, with just so many kinds of openness and so many kinds of closure as will collectively produce a repaired government with all the great orders that enable it to bring about one cycle of the entire creation whereby everything will end up in a state of goodness and complete perfection.”

Since the governmental order must emerge out of consensus, it is not enough for each power to be for itself alone: it must look towards its fellow powers. In addition to what each needs for its own purposes, it is also prepared with what is necessary for the others so as to join with them. It is the different kinds of openness and closure that affect and change the mode of government in order to strengthen things or weaken them as necessary. This is obvious because everything that exists in the lights produces an effect among the creations in the world. The purpose of all the individual details prepared in the lights is to produce all the required effects in the governmental order that runs those creations.

No mind can grasp the depth of the great governmental order that the Divine Creator operates, which contains things that are seemingly so strange, and yet everything goes only to repair. And the entire order depends upon these laws in all their details (i.e. upon the Partzufim, which govern the worlds). At the end of everything, there must be only good with no further evil in existence. The cycle will be completed in such a way that everything will be fixed for good, and there will be no further destruction. All the damage will have been repaired and from then on there will be only good.


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