The Science and Religion Debate Put to Rest

Today, science has merely become another form of religion, exhibiting all the traits of organized religion; narrow-mindedness, arrogance, claiming to own the sole truth of existence, belittling those who disagree, actively promoting, preaching and teaching its tenets and ideas to sway the consciousness of the world to its side.

The sad and tragic part of all this, is that the Zohar — the ancient text that profoundly influenced Isaac Newton, Wilhelm Leibniz, Henry More and all of the great physicists of the scientific revolution — has the power to reconcile and unite science and religion and present an all-embracing truth that absolutely resolves the chaos of life. It presents a game plan and technology for transforming our world into one of authentic peace and longevity and the deepest of fulfillment. Beyond what a scientist or religionist would even dare to imagine.

There is a way to resolve the science-religion debate. There always has been. But egocentric impulses, the lust for power and the relentless craving for control over others, has prevented the Zohar from reaching ordinary people. Blood has been spilled in the effort to keep the Zohar from reaching all people. War, genocide, famine, poverty and even natural disasters are the result.


The Zohar described a Big Bang creation two thousand years before science.

The Zohar said the universe exists in ten and twenty-six dimensions twenty centuries before the physicists who brought us superstring theory.

The Zohar said true reality is timeless, without space or motion, before Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

The Zohar said the world was round, with seven continents and different time zones, 1500 years before Columbus (who had the Zohar courtesy of Abraham Zacuto. Look him up).

The Zohar explained evolution in such stunning fashion that it dignifies and unites science and true religion (not organized religion) in a manner that leaves you breathless by its simplicity and a bit foolish for having debated this issue for so long, when in fact, there is no debate, once you grasp the Zohar on Evolution / God.

The Zohar said “bad fats in our arteries” causes heart disease and illness centuries before modern-day medical science.

The Zohar said matter is really made up of energy in the form of “heaps of waves” and that matter and waves are two sides of one coin called reality, long before quantum physics appeared on the landscape of science.

The Zohar said these waves of energy are really made up of consciousness, thought, the brainwaves of God, radiating from the Light that shines from the Creator.

Consciousness is the root of our reality.

When scientists can expand their own consciousness to the point where it’s free of ego and self-interest, they will be ready to reconcile, with dignity, the science-spirituality debate. When religionists shed their ego and narrow-mindedness that results from a literal reading of the Bible, they will be able to see the stunning truth of science and physics, and realize God created the scientist and the religionist, which means there’s a stunning message there waiting to be unraveled.It’s called Zohar.

The Zohar embraces physics and true religion (not organized religion) and brings them together as two sides of one coin called paradise.

If we want paradise, we need to unite the two.

The one obstacle is ego. You see, a scientist or a religionist doesn’t want the truth. At least, not as their first priority. First, they want careers, success, money, power, control, and the propagation of their own views and belief systems. Guess what? That is by design of God. We are all created with massive egos and relentless self-interest on purpose.


So that we could earn the paradise that is our destiny, earn the truth that underlies science and religion. We are supposed to overcome our prejudices and selfish, narrow-minded opinions in order to strive and work hard at uncovering the simple unity that unites all the wisdom of mankind. We have to work hard at separating out the layers of stupidity, corruption and literal misunderstandings that exist in both arenas.

Zohar says when science and spirituality come together, the redemption of mankind will take place. The world will end death and chaos and war and peace and biological immortality will arrive.


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