Bogus Facebook Restrictions + Anti-Freedom Censorship, So come and join The Consensus Forums

So this happened... 
(true stories) 
Social media empower human rights and anti-corruption activists. Corporately owned governments survive by using stringent Internet surveillance apparatus that effectively block websites and subtly filter information; hence only selective news is allowed to penetrate the #firewall. ... Tech-savvy activists learned to disseminate information through the Internet, and also bypassed crude methods of censorship. Nevertheless, governments caught up with sophisticated technologies that gave them an ability to monitor online content and redirect the flow of information.

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Facebook has very ambiguous and selective issuance “Community Standards” in the Metaverse which apply Stupid commercial, statutory restrictions on free speech, clearly bias to fit a Greedy For-profit agenda (or two)…

Well, woe. Say it ain’t so !!!

The Consensus Forums is a social change network @ for enacting unity consciousness and to spread transformative learning modes and methods of operation for members’ respective Creation’s Value Asset Center systems to interact and exchange values and shares.

Come and see…

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