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Kabbalah is like a game, ie. life is like a seduction game, our “help cards” are TORAH (HOW) and KABBALAH (WHY); play the game to win (when you lose, play again using “help cards”).

Tikkun is correction and restoration.

The spiritual goal of restoring the full structure of one’s spiritual potentialities is the process of tikkun, or restoration. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life can provide a valuable framework for open and honest self-examination. It will enable us to fulfill our tikkun “a task that belongs to no other” – our particular unique divine mission in life. This personal mission almost invariably involves other people in close relationship with us.

Our character is developed as we overcome the resistance in our lives. To light up our lives, God blesses us with resistance. . . but never more than that which we can handle.

Consider this: The Bigger the Restriction, the more Light and fulfillment [will there be] in your Life. We didn’t come to this world to be good – we came to better! This involves constant and never-ending improvement – especially in the area of spiritual growth. Therefore, what looks like failure may be really resistance that leads to success. Also, we must beware of what looks like success – especially if it comes easily. Things may not be what they appear to be.

Therefore, we are to be Proactive (creative, innovative, and taking the initiative) and to beware of the Reactive mode (following orders, resistance, etc.) as well as Complacent mode (giving up) because: *Restriction plus Proactivity equals Success*

Negative situations of life are called to us because we need them as opportunities for constructive change. Until they are ultimately removed, we must use every source of discomfort and illness as part of the cleansing process and as agents of change.


|- cited from “Tikkun -The Practical Essence of “Kabbalah”

By author, James J. DeFrancisco, Ph.D. (1995)




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