The 72 Names of God #31- Finish What You Start (overcome obstacles) – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

AYIN-BET (The 72 Names of God) ~Reflections #31. LAMED CAF BET – Guardian angel, Lecabel, “God Who Inspires Others” // FINISH WHAT YOU START (Overcomes obstacles)

We put on our long range vision glasses and see the finality of this Earth experience. We see the homecoming to the Creator is, indeed, possible. We cross the finish line and with our hands raised in the air, we know true happiness. Our job is to allow joy to become a reality. Allow it to sink into our hearts, minds, and bodies. Experience the victory, be happy, and celebrate. Most importantly, we must draw this higher consciousness down to as many people as we possibly can, through acts of sharing, giving, kindness, and love. It is then we are able to get a little closer to the Final Redemption, a time when every soul on Earth crosses that finish line to a world where pain and suffering is no more and only joy exists.

|-Karen Berg, Kabbalah Centre 


“It is important to understand that the Hebrew letters have power beyond just simple transmission of language and meaning. In truth, according to Rav Isaac Luria, the Ari, they are portals through which the energy and Light of the Creator can enter into this world.

We also know from the kabbalists that the language of the Angels is Hebrew. That is why we use this method of prayer to open the gates for ourselves and our loved ones.”

| –Karen Berg


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