The 72 Names of God #59. Umbilical Cord – Guardian angel, Harahel – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom



Whenever we commit a negative action, the Light instantly leaves our presence. We’re floundering in the dark. We may not detect this effect with our five senses, but we experience it internally and through the events in our lives.

Our consciousness turns negative, our state of mind becomes gloomy and pessimistic. Situations around us spiral into darkness. We know we need to leave this space, fast, but we see no way out. We’re alone, trapped, at the bottom of a snake pit. And the snakes are closing in quickly.

The good news is that there’s a tool that can prevent us from completely severing the life-giving cord that connects us to the Light. This divine Name is the tool.


You establish an umbilical cord to the divine energy, ensuring a constant glimmer of Light in your life, especially for those times when you wind up in a place of utter darkness.


The Guardiam amgel, Harahel represents between 20th and 25th degree of Capricorn. In the angel hierarchy he is an Archangel, he is part of the sefirot of Hod, and his governing Archangel is Raphael. His planetary energies are Mercury / Jupiter and he represents the element of Earth.

His name means: God Who Knows All Things

He symbolizes: Wisdom. He offers fertility to people who want to have a child. He makes sure that your parental authority is respected. He helps you to uncover treasures and makes you a fair administrator. The angel Harahel’s stone is Jacinth and his colors are Clear / Pink. Of the 7 disciplines of medieval scholasticism, he rules over: Arithmetic.

The qualities given to you by the angel Harahel

The guardian angel Harahel gives you great intellectual prosperity while also opening the door to gaining complete awareness. He offers you a balanced level of intelligence throughout all areas of your life while also improving your intellectual creativity and your practical knowledge. You will be able to build your fortune thanks to the intellectual qualities that this guardian angel brings you.

He also offers his help and support to all people in the fields of journalism, writing, publishing, and printing. The angel Harahel gives you a fondness for teaching and educating yourself and what’s more you will find it easy to do so. He also gives you the ability to achieve anything you want through the use of technology and advanced programs.

As well as improving your productivity in all areas, the angel Harahel also improves your fertility and your ability to procreate and reproduce. With this angel by your side your chances of conceiving a baby will be maximized. By praying to this guardian angel children will become respectful towards their parents so that when they become adults they will be full of virtue and good qualities.

He brings you timeless beauty, divine goodness, and everlasting truth. These ideals will light your path and give you the courage to face life with optimism.

The imbalances regulated by the angel Harahel

The angel Harahel will help you with any lack of ideas, awareness, or intelligence. He offers his protection if you spend too much time in front of the computer and if you live your life in the virtual world. He wants you to feel more grounded in reality. He will also help you to take more concrete actions and keep you from lacking in physical activity.

He fixes folly in your intellect, helps correct harmful works, and prevents the spread and influence of anything which has a negative impact on humanity. The angel Harahel helps prevent you from feeling mentally disorientated and from lacking in understanding. He keeps you from taking on projects which are destined to fail as well as from using the media for your own personal gain.

The angel Harahel protects you from infertility and from lack of productivity in all areas. He helps to adjust children who are ungrateful and disobedient towards their parents. This is because for this angel, kindness towards one’s parents is of a very high importance.

Furthermore, this guardian angel will protect you from fraud as well as from fires which will burn everything in their path. He also protects you from enemies of the light.

-cited from

Vayechi (“And he lived”)
(21) “A joyful mother of children”

177. We learned that Rabbi Yitzchak said, “A joyful mother of children. Haleluyah” (Tehilim 113:9). We know who the mother is, but who are the children? Rabbi Shimon said, We have learned that the Holy One, blessed be He, has two children, one male and one female. The male He gave to Jacob, as it is written, “Yisrael is My son, my firstborn” (Shemot 4:22) and “Yisrael, in whom I will be glorified” (Yeshayah 49:3), and the girl He gave to Abraham, as it is written, “And Hashem had blessed Abraham in all things (Heb. bakol)” (Beresheet 24:1). Abraham had a daughter named Bakol.


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