What is the matter with our minds?

by Billy Phillips (2014) @ www.kabbalahstudent.com

Mind over matter is here now. It’s always been here. We have always had this power. We were born with it. The ability to achieve mind over matter is as natural as our breathing. And it’s happening every second of our lives.

So what’s the problem? Why don’t we see it? Experience it? Live it?

We do.

Here’s how:

We were also born with a force of consciousness called “the opponent” or ego, embedded into our very brain cells. The ego tells us that mind and matter are separate; that there is a space between us and the chair in front of us. And so, with our innate power of mind over matter, we believe what our ego tells us, and now this inborn power literally hands overall control to matter and the external world around us. This happens only because we believe that matter and the external world are more powerful than our mind! Good job ego! You tricked us. You deceived us. You used our very power against us.

Our belief that matter is more powerful becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as our consciousness creates that very reality. It is our mind that empowers matter because we believe matter is more powerful.

We already have perfect certainty. The problem is we have certainty in our doubts. We have certainty in our pessimism. As a result, we empower our doubts and worries and they become our reality. So the real problem is not an inability to unleash the power of our minds. The only problem is the power of our ego to seduce our minds into manufacturing a reality that our ego wants, not the reality that we want.

We are controlled by ego and thus we have a world manufactured by the human ego. Mind over matter is happening all day long. That’s why the physical world has so much control over us. Our minds gave it that power.

There are, in essence, three stages of consciousness that we all came to this world to achieve:
1. Mind and Matter
2. Mind over Matter
3. Mind is Matter.

Mind and Matter is a state of consciousness where we perceive space between our minds and the physical world around us. We view the mind and the material world as separate and distinct entities. Within this space comes darkness and chaos and random events. As we’ve just learned, this occurs only through the influence of ego which constantly tells us this lie about the external world being separate and more powerful.

The stage called Mind over Matter emerges as we learn the wisdom of Kabbalah and use Kabbalistic tools to elevate our consciousness out of the realm of ego. We then begin to experience moments of control over the physical reality. We experience a minor or major miracle every once in a while. We witness moments of synchronicity that reveal to us an underlying order beneath the chaos. We realize that our minds can often take control over the world and events that unfold around us. In effect, we have reduced the ego so we have reduced the space between mind and matter. We have forged a link between mind and matter giving us a small measure of control. We reclaim some of our power that we handed off to the world around us.

The third stage is called Mind is Matter. This is the state of consciousness that a master Kabbalist has achieved, a level that all mankind is destined to achieve. There is zero space between the mind and the physical world. In fact, the mind is the manufacturer of the physical world and thus there is 100% control over all events and situations.

This is why a Kabbalist is able to help his or her students experience extraordinary blessings and miracles and wonders. When Mind and Matter are one, we have achieved the Godly state that Abraham spoke of 4000 years ago when he said One God. It meant, true reality is whole and one, including our minds. But this world is a realm of illusionary separation because our ego separates us from other people. When we remove the space between ourselves and our enemies, we will again achieve Mind is Matter and unity with the Light that shines from the Divine Infinite Force called God.


Once again, it is the ego that creates the illusion of Mind and Matter. The bigger the ego, the greater the space between the two.

We can achieve a measure of proactive mind over matter in direct proportion to the amount of ego that we are prepared to surrender. However, be forewarned: This is not an easy task as the ego is the most powerful, dominant and formidable force on earth.

The ego will tell you now that this is all impossible. If you believe the ego, then your mind will create a reality where it is all impossible. You’ll be right. But you’ll also be totally out of control. How stupid are we sometimes? We would rather be right than in control of our destiny. See the power of the ego? It makes us do such foolish things.

The complete eradication of the ego is how we achieve the ultimate control over the physical reality. That’s when our minds will be able to manufacture a universe of perfect peace and lasting paradise as it becomes free of all ego thus removing all space between our thoughts and the physical reality.

We won’t need quantum computers. The greatest quantum computer in the universe is the human mind, free of ego. But while we have our ego in control, we are convinced that the external world, including a quantum supercomputer, is the answer to our problems and the ultimate power of mankind.

We believe in chaos, so it persists.

We believe things are too good to be true. And so they are.

The Zohar (Eng: “The Book of Radiance“) is the one tool that diminishes the ego so that we can diminish our doubts and cynicism and recreate our world in ways that will make all our dreams come true.

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The spiritual has no image; hence, it has no letters with which to contemplate. Even if we declare in general that it is simple light, descending and extending to the seeker until one clothes and attains it in the amount sufficient for His revelation, this, too, is a borrowed expression. This is so because everything that is called “light” in the spiritual world is not like sunlight or candlelight.

What we refer to as light in the spiritual world is borrowed from the human mind whose nature is such that when a doubt is resolved in a person, one discovers a kind of abundance of light and pleasure throughout the body. This is why we sometimes say “the light of the mind,” although this is not so. The light that shines in those parts of the substance of the body that are unsuitable for receiving resolved scrutinies is certainly something inferior to the mind. Hence, those lower, inferior organs can receive it and attain it, too.


| – Rav Yehuda Leib ha Levi Ashlag, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence” @ kabbalahmedia.info/