Josiah Haltom – Ambassador-at-large and Herald of Hope – Sociological Imagination and Zohar Light

News Talk West Tennessee / Newtalk 96.5fm features hosts who DO IT LIVE! Josiah Haltom, Ambassador for Haltom Family Ministries and Consultants calls in often, this time during the 11am – 1pm show with Uncle P and Larry Show (for example).

There is very much a lot of truthiness to hear in this captured recording from .

Hear speak and some understanding concerning the Bankruptcy and FORECLOSURE of the fraudulent corps. (2012 – infinity) and a sure, certain and just cause for us in the land of the living – the Final Answer for human and planetary evolution and flourishing. So mote it be. Come and see more:

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We search keys words. Spread the flame until NO NATIONS WAR!


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