Prophecy & Parallel Universes – The 72 Names of God #71

“The reason there is so much chaos in this world is that one person cannot stand the other. And this is so simple! Intolerance and lack of dignity is the cause of all suffering. It is high time we take responsibility for at least removing the chaos from within us.

If given the choice between a world where people are judged, criticized and denounced, or one where people are loved and accepted, most of us would choose the latter without question. It’s hard to remember that creating a loving, accepting world starts with us, in both our thoughts and actions. The more that we judge others, the less room we have for love.

Let’s choose together to replace judgment with understanding, compassion, and love.”
|~Rav Berg, the founder of Kabbalah Centre, International



A prophet is not someone who sees into a predestined future. Indeed, there is no predestined future, because we have the ability to re-create the future at every moment. Therein lies the purpose of this Name.


There are countless futures, all of which exist at the same time. That’s right, ancient Kabbalists and contemporary physicists agree, parallel universes are a reality!

According to physics, the moment we make a decision, the universe splits and our alternative decision and fate branch out into another reality.

According to Kabbalah, parallel universes grow progressively more orderly, eventually reaching a world of paradise, happiness, and unending life.

However, our own behavior determines which universe we enter. Ego-driven actions keep us imprisoned in a universe of chaos. But the moment we resist our reactive responses, we make a quantum jump into an entirely different reality. Each new universe features a more fulfilled version of our lives. By recognizing opportunities to end reactive, egocentric behavior, we literally move from one world into another.

Prophecy is the ability to spot these opportunities. Prophecy is seeing the future in our present actions—seeing the consequences of reactivity versus the vast rewards that proactive behavior brings.


The power of prophecy is bestowed upon you. With your consciousness elevated and your awareness heightened, you have the power to enter a new universe of transformation and Light.


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