|||-Rav Yehudah Ashlag – Shamati (‘I heard‘) in 1942), article no. 138.

When fear comes upon a person, one should know that there is none else but Him. And even witchcraft. And if one sees that fear overcomes him, he should say that there is no such thing as chance, but God has given him an opportunity from Above, and he must contemplate and study the end to which one has been sent this fear. It appears that it is so that he will prevail and say, “there is none else besides Him.”

But if after all that, the fear has not departed from him, one should take it as an example and say that one’s servitude of the Creator should be in the same measure of the fear, meaning that the fear of God [awe], which is a merit, should be in the same manner of fear [awe] that he now has. That is, that the body is impressed by this superficial fear, and exactly in the same way that the body is impressed, the fear of God should be.

After we have come to a certain measure of recognition in man’s selfishness, which we have determined as a force and a “will to receive,” being the essential point of the bare being, we have also learned thoroughly clear, from all sides, the original possession of each body, which we have defined as i This pertains to all the potential tendencies and qualities that have come into his “source” by inheritance, which is the first substance of every person, that is, the initial seed of his forefathers. |||-Rav Ashlag, ‘The Freedom

Bereshit A: Verse 137

Aramaic cropped from Zohar.com/

The Endless Light has no mark on it to grasp; it is not subject to any question or mental formulation. From within this most concealed of all concealed things, with the beginning of the descent of the Endless Light FOR THE PURPOSE OF BEING SEEN, a thin, almost imperceptible light shone. It was concealed by a fragile imprint, as delicate as a needlepoint. THUS, ALTHOUGH A TINY SLIT WAS OPENED, IT WAS INSUFFICIENT FOR THE LIGHT TO BE GRASPED. This is the secret of the concealed thought. It remained unknown until an illumination extended from it to the place on which the letters were imprinted. Everything emerges from there.

~Rav Michael Laitman answers the question: “Why are so few people asking themselves questions about creation? How can people be made more interested in learning the purpose of creation?”

“Our world – with its history of torment and its achievements, and the spiritual worlds, with all their substance – is nothing in comparison to what man is about to discover. The vast magnitude of the design of creation is incomprehensible to a human being.

Billions of people live their lives in our world so that a few dozen will attain the correct concept of the Creator, and from those dozens, only a few will attain Him. But out of those dozens, even those who test themselves in Kabbalah are already chosen ones.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed from Above; it evolves slowly and will, at some point, burst into everyone’s awareness, offering a clear goal for the lives of each of us. Billions of people will actually participate in this process.”

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