The Truth Concerning Israel – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

Zohar (Lech Lecha)

Aramaic cropped from

183) Come and see: when Israel was in the holy land, everything was properly erected. The Kisse (throne), which is the Nukva, was complete over them, meaning that there was a full Kisse for the upper Israel and they were working the work of God, meaning they raised and split the Avirim of the world, and the work ascended to its place above in, and caused them to mate. For the land is corrected for work but for Israel alone. Therefore, the other nations stayed away from the land, and did not govern it, as they do now, for they were feeding but on the extract, meaning the bounty that Israel extracted through their work, that completed the nations of the world as well. But the majority of the bounty went to Israel, and the nations received only an extract of the bounty. Therefore, the dominion was given to Israel.


Explanation: When a person yearns for the Creator, he is then called “Israel,” from the words Yashar El (Straight to God). At that time, his desires and attributes are in the Eretz Kdosha (Holy Land). The word Eretz (land) comes from the word Ratzon (desire, yearning) and the word Kedusha (holiness) comes from the word Mukdash (dedicated). Thus, Eretz Kdosha is a desire that is dedicated for the Creator alone.

And what is Eretz Israel (the Land of Israel)? When a person yearns for connection with the Creator, and for that alone, he is in the Land of Israel in his emotions, and then everything is corrected in its right place. Light is extended from above, and unlimited bounty that fills every desire, every soul and every creature. The entire creation is then in a state of wholeness and complete rest, because Israel have risen all their desires to the Creator, i.e. their desires to work for him, and the Creator responded by granting their wishes.

The land of Israel can be corrected and bear fruit only when the people of Israel dwell in it and no other nation. In this situation, the rest of the nations stay away from the desire and the ability to govern it. The reason for that is that the rest of the nations cannot live off its fruit, i.e. the abundance that comes from above as a result of Israel’s work for the Creator. The light, the bounty, extends to the rest of the nations of the world as well, but it is extended primarily on Israel, and because of that, the people of Israel govern the Land of Israel.


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