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Perceiving Reality: Human Nature

Humanity is actually one creature containing the whole of creation that experiences itself in relation to an upper force called the Creator.

All that exists in reality is the Creator – the will to bestow, and the creature – the will to receive: the opposite side of the same force. The creature, is called the first or primary man, Adam HaRishon  – or the collective soul. This is our actual state but we’ve lost all sense of it.

So this is our true nature and it’s becoming more and more apparent as the force of development is beginning to push us towards an awakening. Our economies have become so globalized that the existence of each nation requires the success of all nations. We are so interdependent that even small regional wars and acts of terrorism affect everyone. Borders are becoming irrelevant. And on the internet, a force potentially connecting the thoughts of people everywhere, we see that private property is an impossibility. Anything we digitize and put on the internet immediately belongs to everyone. The future looks so different and confusing now because we don’t know how to live in the new kind of world that we see appearing before us…

So where was I… oh yeah…

The Creator, created the creature – humanity only in order to raise it to its highest possible degree – that of the Creator. But that couldn’t happen all at once. So because the creature was made only of the desire to receive it began to experience itself as if it were just one of millions of creatures, detached and isolated by time and space in a reality called “this world” where it imagines it receives just for itself.

According to Kabbalah this is called the fall of Adam, his shattering into 600,000 parts – which means the beginning of a process by which the properties of the Creator and the creature became intermingled, – small desires to receive mixed up with small desires to bestow, small enough so that the creature could independently choose to correct them to realize that regardless of how it appears to us, the only thing we actually feel in our will to receive is the Creator’s will to bestow.

Each and every creature must go through that process of correction in a conscious, awakened way because only this direct sensation raises it above its nature to reconnect all the parts of the original Adam through love. In other words the well being of others is actually felt as my own. – this is the true nature of humanity, the quality of the Creator and meaning of what we call spirituality.

Spirituality is not a personal pursuit. Only the reconnected creature can reach the level of the Creator.

And this is the state that nature is now bringing us to.

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