A Method for Transforming Lack into Abundance – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

[So it is], the larger a man’s egoism, the more light he is able to receive, provided there is a screen to match his egoism. Instead of resenting his unworthy desires, man should only ask the Creator for a screen that will correct those desires by making them altruistic.

Often times we know neither what motivates our actions nor what our real desires are. Sometimes we feel a need for something but have no idea what it is. Man is in a constant dream-like state until Kabbalah wakes him up and opens his eyes. Initially we do not even possess a genuine desire to receive pleasure. Kabbalah works with the spiritual desires, which are much more powerful than those of our world are.

Thanks to the Kli’s new intention, the “desire to receive” obtains a new form: a “desire to share”, or more precisely, a “desire to receive” for the sake of the Creator. Man now starts receiving in order to please the Creator. Upon discovering the difference between its own properties and the Creator’s, Behina Dalet feels shame. The screen set up by Malchut reflects the light and thus changes the intention. The essence of the “desire to receive” remains, but now it is receiving for the Creator’s sake.

Kabbalah is a logical science. Every phenomenon leads to a certain consequence, which in turn becomes a reason for the next, thus forming a chain of cause-and-effect connections. Our problem, however, consists in that we are not yet really connected to what we study. While reading about the spiritual worlds, the Partzufim and the Sefirot, we cannot yet feel them.

There are two levels in Kabbalah studies. The first is for beginners, when there is no sensation of the material studied. After further study though, a Kabbalist receives a feeling of the phenomena and terms described in the book.

|||-Rav Michael Laitman, “Five Levels of Masach” in ‘The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha)’

Why should we unite? To be frank, this is impossible to explain. If a person has a Reshimo (informational gene) that remained in him from the unity he once experienced while being in the common desire, where he once revealed the Creator and then lost this sensation, and now this Reshimo is awakening again, then he desires to return to this state. “I want it!”

-Michael Laitman, “Unity for All”

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