Resurrection to Life Eternal-After Yeshua had 72 Hours Inside the Tomb – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

🙏 AYIN-BET (The 72 Names of God) ~Reflections – ~~ YESHUA IN THE TOMB ~~

Mary said to Salome, “We are dead because the Lord died, and we live because the Lord lives. The tomb is the Mother’s womb to those who are among the living.”

A woman said to Mary, “You saw the Risen Savior first. What did he look like?” Mary said to her, “He looked like no man nor angel nor god, but his appearance was the image of the Human One, the image and likeness of the Living God. Truly I tell you, whoever beholds the Risen Savior, it is as though he or she is the first to see him.”

Mary said, “Until you know the darkness of Sophia, you will not acquire her light. Unless you die and are reborn of the Mother Spirit, the knowledge of the resurrection will elude you.”

Mary said, “Where darkness abides, the light cannot enter. When the light enters all darkness vanishes. To enter into the light you must banish the darkness that is in you, and when you enter the light you must join the light and darkness to gain the acquaintance of the True Light. Unless you first let go of the darkness and cleave to the light, the light cannot enter, but once the light enters all darkness shall be transformed and you will know the Truth beyond light or darkness. This is the Truth that will set you free!”

|-‘Secret Gospel of Mary,’ sayings #15, #20, #56 and #125




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