The Law of Interdependent Origination

Everything that exists is interdependent with its environment. According to the *Law of Interdependent Origination*, nothing whatsoever has independent, permanent, or absolute existence. Everything is part of a limitless web of interconnections and undergoes a continual process of transformation. Every appearance arises from complex causes and conditions, and in turn, combines with others to produce countless effects. By interrupting the causal chain at certain key points, the course of existence can be altered and effects prevented by eliminating their causes.

The essence of this rule is that all creatures and phenomena are interdependent, and everything in the world is based on this rule. With one’s awakening to the interdependent reality, selfish compulsive responses will be replaced by four positive emotional faculties: loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and Equanimity.

Since every human being at this level of perception lives within a context of interconnectedness with other people, beings, and the world, by knowing this principle, he can turn his instinctive love into altruism and cultivate empathy and tolerance. If by chance, someone sees the interdependent nature of all phenomena, invariably one will become aware of the fact that even the happiness that we all want is also a dependent phenomenon. It is contingent on many factors such as good education, clean environment, stable economy, efficacious law and order, and the behavior of our fellow beings not only towards each other but also towards education, ecosystem, economy, laws, nation, world, and the universe.

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This is a big idea, The 2020's perfect vision - unity in heralding the year of Jubilee, and I am just a vessel through which the tides are turning towards peaceful terrains. Thank you a lot, I want to share these gems of meta-data with any who are interested. Pockets full of sunshine. Love you. Hey.

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  1. There is no doubt that life has become more complex. On the one hand, complexity causes overwhelm and stress. Stress is pandemic across humanity. On the other hand, many of us have an innate drive to expand our awareness and consciousness by consuming lots of information and crave the stimulations of complexity or the “law of complexity consciousness,” as was so
    succinctly proposed by Teillard de Chardin, which stated that increasing complexity is accompanied by increased consciousness. He argued that the primary vehicle for increasing complexity consciousness among living organisms was the nervous system. The informational wiring of a [BE]ing, he argued – whether of neurons or electronics – gives birth to consciousness. If one accepts this power of connections, then the potential of the planetary neural-network of the Internet is in[DEED] fertile soil for the emergence of a global intelligence.

    Paul Quaiser – Human Sustainability Institute

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