Commerce is the realm of the dead (artificial limits)


Cited from “Into the Open Economy,” authored by Colin R. Turner (2016)

Anything that divides or constrains people and does not exist in the physical realm is an artificial social construct. Such divisions between people that restrict normal moral behaviour create inefficiency, inequality and animosity.
For example:

  • Borders – restricting free movement of people
  • Money / trade – limiting access to resources
  • Social class – wealth inequality
  • Exclusive ownership – reducing access to potentially shareable resources
  • States / laws – constraining rights through citizenship
  • Intellectual property – reducing the ability to improve others’ work
  • Religion / Race – cultural or tribal animosity

As we begin to shift our priorities to what matters, the artificial social constructs that divide people will start to become more obvious – and more obviously unnecessary to people. These divisions, like laws, only exist because of lack of understanding and empathy.

Since they exist only in our collective imagination, the only way to remove them is to ‘un-imagine’ them. This is done by simply exposing them in stark relief to the things that do matter. As we collectively shift our focus to the real stuff, we will naturally let go of the imaginary. We always prioritise what we focus on.

History is full of incidences of ‘fact’ quickly becoming fable as new thinking arrives. Remember when smoking tobacco was good for you? Or when black people and women were seen as inferior beings? Or when the Sun revolved around the Earth?

Our ideas and conceptions are continually developing. Some day all our nations will become mere geographical regions. Social class, poverty and inequality will become curios of history. Money and enforced labour –unimaginable.

And when we dissolve these imaginary divisions, we are automatically forced to become more connected, and our understanding of each other grows.

Understanding is the key to empathy, compassion – and ultimately peace.

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