The Thought of the Creator – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom


Remember, the environment that the human lives in is not the environment of physical acts, which is already perfectly in balance with the laws of nature. The environment of the human is the Thought of the Creator. And this is what a person can connect with. We can connect with the cause. And the bonding with it is simply to enter into the same thought and the same intention. Once this begins to happen, we are no longer separated in an external world, in a physical world, but we are connected with that point that emanates everything into this world.

And this is done through a relationship with the Creator. It’s like a relationship with a lover, with a beloved, in the sense that when you love somebody, you want them to know who you are. You write them little notes; you show them what you enjoy, you express your thought to them so that the bonding with your beloved will be on the level not simply of the physical, but beyond that, in the intangible place that we feel as love. So these constant events that evolve in our lives are like notes of love, a beckoning on the part of the Creator to come to Him, and our desire to respond to that call is likewise from a place and a feeling to want to know our beloved in that way.

This is why the Torah—the wisdom of Kabbalah—was given. We may call it integral education, the wisdom of connection, whatever the title. That is the whole work here in this world, which is the lowest and worst of all the worlds, i.e. that we will begin to connect and accordingly ascend—ascend not in elevation toward stars or in terms of altitude—but in understanding, awareness and sensation. We will then discover new dimensions.

Everything that is created in our world is created with the Thought of its Creator. When a person is thinking about the Thought of the Creator, not only try to think what it is, but to understand and to attain the qualities of the Creator. When such a meeting of minds happens, such a unity creates for us a gateway to return to the Light of the Creator. Because the Creator’s Thoughts went into the creation of this world, by thinking about this process, we reach Dvekut (adhesion) with the Creator.

|-Introduction to Ten Luminous Emanations, Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom


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