Introduction to Electric Cosmology – Ethereality


There is no start or finish in space/time. It has always been and will always be with unlimited energy.

Because there is eternity, death is impossible and is therefore a mere transformation of energy (Pheonix). We may die as human beings but not as a part of the universe.

The universe as a living being is the result of the interaction between the two entities, infinity and eternity. To me, the effect of this interaction between Eternity and Infinity is Magnetism and Electricity. Again dualism is linked to Space-Time. This is only to be seen by the passage of time and a displacement in space, again a duality. This is equally unlimited and proves the non-locality and instant interaction of events in Space-Time.

Life on earth is directly linked to DNA and its spiral shape of it. This DNA is sustained by electric current which has also a spiral form, as to be observed all over the university.

Now, our science and scientists will (forever) explore the interaction in Nature and Cosmos and will always find unknown structures and phenomena which will increase our knowledge and insights in our daily lives, It will bring forth wisdom and controversy, again a duality.

All life is able to interact and influence the universe, as well as the universe, is able to interact and influence all life.

As Wallace Thornhill put it right: “There are no islands in the universe.”