The 72 Names of God #72 – God Who is the End of Everything – SPIRITUAL CLEANSING – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

AYIN-BET (The 72 Names of God) ~Reflections #72

MEM VAV MEM – ** Guardian angel, Mumiah **

“God Who is the End of Everything”

And I saw another Angel flie in the midst of heauen, hauing the euerlasting Gospel, to preach vnto them that dwel on the earth, and to euery nation, and kinred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, Feare God, and giue glory to him, for the houre of his iudgement is come: and worshippe him that made heauen and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

(Revelation 14:6-7 from 1611 KJV Bible)



Mumiah is the angel of resurrection. He breathes new beginnings into your life by planting the seeds of a new form of existence within you. He accompanies you from the beginning of a change or angelic transformation and heralds the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.

Under his influence you are made to be a bearer of conclusion. He helps you to finish what you have started. He is beside you in the final stage of something within which you can find the seed of renewal to create something concrete and materialize something new.

He offers you higher initiations which can then create great transformations and lead to new knowledge. The guardian angel Mumiah helps you to support people nearing the end of their life.


The angel Mumiah offers protection from any difficulty finishing a cycle and starting fresh. He shelters you from the fear of initiations and evolution of consciousness which may cause you to continue living life with an ordinary level of consciousness instead.

He keeps you from ignorance or poor understanding of the principal of reincarnation and eternal life, or indeed the refusal to believe in it. He protects you from difficulties you may have opening yourself up to spirituality and the divine and the difficulties of living in accordance with them. Under his protection, you are guarded against atheism.

He helps you if you are scared of mystical experiences due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of metaphysical and spiritual understanding.

Mumiah keeps you from dead-ends, desolation, narrow perspectives, and a lack of encouragement. He helps you if you have a tendency to give up or to feed off of negative atmospheres and old patterns.

He puts you on the right path if you have neglected your own life, if you are always looking to persuade others, or if you are under negative influences.

This guardian angel is your patron and protector and keeps you from unknown fatalities or self-destruction. He keeps you from poor health and disability. He keeps you safe from homelessness, ruin, collapse, a falling out between you and a partner or a friend, and more.

He protects you from science and knowledge which is used with a lack of awareness and also fixes your lack of sensitivity. He doesn’t want you to go against the natural order of things.

|||- info cited from

“Happy are the righteous in both this world and the World to Come, as the Holy One, blessed be He, desires to honor them and reveals to them esoteric matters concerning His Holy Name that He did not even reveal to holy supernal. Therefore, Moses was able to be adorned even among the holy, and they were unable to approach him as if he were a burning fire and flaming hot coals. Were it not for that, what did Moses have to stand among them? Blessed was Moses’ lot that when the Holy One, blessed be He, began to speak with him, he wanted to know His Holy Name, both the concealed and revealed, each one properly. Then he united and knew more than all mankind.”

|||-Sepher ha Zohar (“Book of Splendor”), Acharei Mot (“After the death”) verse 66:391

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