The 72 Names of God #43 – Defying Gravity to Overcome the Limits of Physicality

AYIN-BET (The 72 Names of God) ~Reflections #43. VAV VAV LAMED –
Guardian angel, Vehuliah, God of Good Fortune and Success

Our true destiny is control of all reality through the force of our imagination, with the power of our thoughts guided by the Light within our souls.
How do we manifest this destiny?

Everyone fantasizes about having the power of mind over matter. But according to Kabbalah, we already possess it! And we use it every day without even realizing it.

Here’s the problem: Ninety-nine percent of our thoughts and consciousness are controlled by ego. Thus our negative thinking influences physical reality in a detrimental way. All the troubles of the world—disease, earthquakes, famines, crime, the concealment of God’s Light, the lack of belief in the reality of the human soul—it’s all the result of our negative self-centered consciousness. We create this reality every moment. Pessimism, doubts, and cynicism become self-fulfilling prophecies. More ironic is the fact that our innate ability of mind over matter is hidden from us only because we don’t believe it to be true.

If we allow ego desires to guide our existence, we’re forever imprisoned and ruled by physical matter. There’s only so far we can go, and it isn’t very far at all. We need to see beyond illusions. We need to unmask the players in the masquerade.

If we allow the authentic yearnings of our souls to be our prime motivating force in life, as opposed to the illusory temptations of the material world, mind over matter will become our new reality.

How do we accomplish this?

By continually rejecting self-centered behavior, we gain the ability for mind to absolutely control the material world in a purely positive, constructive, and miraculous manner.

You unleash the power of mind over matter, the soul over the ego, and the spiritual over the physical. The goal is not to renounce the physical world but to eliminate its control over you and to become the true captain of your own fate. Everything becomes possible!

notes from Kabbalah 4 at The Kabbalah Centre

When the sparks of light fell into the impure system, it created this physical reality. All of our spiritual work is about elevating sparks of light. If I am using physical objects to be for the sake of sharing, I am elevating those sparks of light.
That is why every day, everything is new, everything is fresh, and everything is an opportunity. When we elevate sparks of light, we do it for our own soul, but it also spreads to the collective.

In which areas of your life do you want to experience more fulfillment, only you seem to lack the motivation to make it happen? How to reignite the sparks of light that exists in the mundane things that you do every day? Because you know there is light in washing the dishes, there is light in taking out the garbage, there is light in doing schoolwork – there are sparks of light everywhere. We can either be pushed into doing these things, or we can awaken our soul consciousness to proactively retrieve those sparks of light that are only there for me for a limited time. As the ARI has said, we never pray the same prayer or make the same connection twice.

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