Quantum Physics’ Superstring Theory and the Tree of Life – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom


The basic assumption of string theory is to replace the point-like particles, as are found in quantum field theories of the standard model of particles physics, with extended 1-dimensional strings. Inasmuch so, a unified theory must also account for both fermions and bosons, the two fundamental kinds of particles in nature, and to achieve this, one uses supersymmetric string theories, or “superstring theories”.

It turns out that for quantum versions of superstring theories, according to quantum physicists, Matsubara and Johansson (2018), consistency requires these manifolds to be 10-dimensional. To be a little bit more precise, if the string theory was formulated in a manifold with a different number of dimensions, then there would be a conformal anomaly that would lead to the theory being ill-defined.

This was generally taken to indicate that if string theory is true then the real world has a 10-dimensional spacetime. It is easy to understand why target space manifolds have been thought to represent spacetime; that was, after all, the reason for which the manifolds were introduced in the first place!

Matsubara and Johansson (2018) critically investigate the prima facie plausible view that the 10-dimensional mathematical manifold in a straightforward manner can be said to represent a 10-dimensional physical spacetime. As the two went on to argue, the situation is [just] more subtle [with ten].

One example illustrating the point that it can be difficult to make sense of what is supposed to be spatiotemporal in string theory is the peculiar way in which heterotic string theories are defined. To arrive at the 10-dimensional target space in heterotic string theory a few further steps are required. Vibrations on a closed string propagating in one direction along the string are independent of those in the other. This makes it possible to treat one direction of vibrations as purely bosonic, thus preferring a 26-dimensional space to live in.
More so, since, [at present], we do not see any signs of the observable physical world being 10-dimensional, it was assumed that **six of these dimensions** are compact and very small, which explains why the dimensions do not [currently] have any observable consequences. Another possible explanation for why the extra dimensions stay hidden relies on so-called “D-branes,” which are dynamical non-perturbative entities that, in the 90s, were found to naturally arise in string theories. [Also], D-branes can be described as submanifolds of the target space constraining the motion of open strings.
__Matsubara, K., & Johansson, L.-G. (2018). Spacetime in String Theory: A Conceptual Clarification. ‘Journal for General Philosophy of Science’, 49(3), 333–353.
__Images captured from “ATOM & EVE: The Zohar / NASA Lectures” @ https://billyphillips.com/p/atom-eve/


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