“For the healing and transformation of the world”

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  1. I’ve been studying brain waves states after realizing the damaging effects of malicious entrainment of the world’s population by different forms of programming. This is a paramount importance wondering whose interested in learning how to take action against tyranny and oppression

  2. Join us and fight for the future of our children around the world! After 40 years of advocating Human & Planetary rights! I’ve collected proof that every Canadians Human rights are being violated by both the Federal & Provincial governments. It doesn’t stop in Canada; this is a global crisis! The UN Human Rights guarantee us our health. Join our global movement to put Human & Planetary rights at the center of every discussion, policy, and legislation! Capitalism is killing our planet; a Global coalition will give the UN Human Rights Council the teeth it needs! Join today, and bring your friends: https://www.facebook.com/groups/932683060927681

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