Creator and Creation – Gravity and Repulsive Gravity – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom


Reality consists of two elements: Creator and creature. We feel this in our senses in various ways, but it is unchanging in and of itself. The creature at that feels the Creator, and the sensation of the Creator is what we call the “world,” and “creation.” The creature can sometimes sense that the Creator is being partially or fully revealed to him; at other times He is altogether concealed. The creature may even lack awareness of the Creator altogether. The extent of awareness of the Creator depends solely on the creature himself, because the Creator, like the sun, never stops shining.

The Creator has the attributes of bestowal and benevolence. When the creature acquires Creator-like attributes, this state is called Equivalence of Form with the Creator. The individual then senses the Creator as fully revealed. He senses the Creator in the exact amount that his attributes resemble those of the Creator. When the attributes of a person are incompatible with those of the Creator, he feels the Creator is concealed. When these attributes oppose those of the Creator, the individual feels the Creator does not even exist.


When a person is born into this world, the sense that is intended for perceiving the Creator is covered with a ‘screen’, which completely hides the Creator. Because of this we cannot feel the presence of the Creator. What one does feel is called the “world,” what one does not feel is virtually non-existent. The Creator is not concealed from me, but I, with my senses, do not feel Him. Perhaps I even conceal Him, because what I feel is not Him, but the screens that conceal Him. I can, however, influence my relationship with Him, by breaking through these screens.

|||-Michael Laitman, Ph.D., ‘Interview with the Future‘ – Part 1. A Science to Understand Reality. Retrieved from

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