Joy is a “Reflection” of Good Deeds – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

-Rav Yehuda Ashlag, ‘Shamati’, article #58

I heard on Sukkot, Inter 4

Joy is a “reflection” of good deeds. If the deeds are of Kedusha [holiness], hence joy appears. However, we must know that there is also a discernment of a Klipa [shell]. In order to know if it is Kedusha, the scrutiny is in the reason. In Kedusha, there is reason, and in the Sitra Achra [other side] there is no reason, since another god is sterile and does not bear fruit. Hence, when gladness comes to a person, he should delve in words of Torah in order to discover the mind of the Torah.

We must also know that gladness is discerned as upper illumination that appears by MAN, which is good deeds. The Creator sentences one where one is. In other words, if one takes upon himself the burden of the kingdom of heaven for eternity, there is an immediate upper illumination on this, which is considered eternity, too.

Even if one evidently sees that he will soon fall from his degree, He still sentences one where one is. It means that if a person has now made up his mind to take upon himself the burden of the kingdom of heaven for eternity, it is considered wholeness.

However, if he takes upon himself the burden of the kingdom of heaven and does not want that state to remain in him forever, this thing and this deed is not considered wholeness, and naturally, the upper light cannot come and rest on it. This is because it is whole and eternal, and is not about to change. With a person, however, even if he wants, the state one is in will not be forever.


The whole way like fruit is going to taste is already hidden inside the seed. The seed of the effects we experience in life is the thought or the intention for our actions. So, many of the choices we make are chosen for invisible reasons. Everything is cause and effect. We have to recognize that there are unseen forces of influence behind the actions we do and which motivate what others may do as well. When we have this understanding, we take the right responsibility for yesterday and extract the goodness from it and clear up our spiritual carbon footprint. The questions to ask ourselves at the end of each day are a) how much of the light of our soul did we reveal? …and b) how much of the negativity from our ego did we uncover?