A Formula for Interdependence – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

Interdependence means that everybody and everything is intertwined as a single system. It means that every action you make, even every thought and feeling you have, exerts its influence on this system. Likewise, interdependence also means that every action, thought and feeling of every person is influencing everybody else, simultaneously.

So, interdependence has enormous implications.

Education and parenting is largely focused on how to find your individual and independent way in life.

Our interdependence—the situation we’re constantly dealing with—is mostly an untouched subject.

Realizing the error in our approach to each other should lead us to revise our approach. In other words, the realization of error in our approach to interdependence is only half of our conflicts’ purpose, like the correct diagnosis of a disease is half its cure. The other half of our conflicts’ purpose is to change our approach to our interdependence.

By replacing our competitive, individualistic approach of conflicting interests to a cooperative, mutual approach, where we merge our interests, we could then realize our interdependence harmoniously. In other words, changing humanity’s mindset from “how to benefit myself” to “how to benefit others” is the key to everyone’s happiness.

But, given the world’s increasingly opposite looking situation, how could that ever be done?


1. Competitive Individualism – a process of spreading and multiplying with a focus on fulfilling self-interests.

2. Crisis of Competitive Individualism – crisis emerges when the multiplication of self-interested parts reaches a threshold: resources become scarce, and the parts surviving off those resources become more competitive. Many of those parts then get killed off.

3. Awareness – of crisis in competitive individualism while interdependent.

4. Cooperative Mutuality – through awareness that survival of all parts is impossible in the competitive individualism plus interdependent situation, a new approach emerges to the interdependent situation: cooperation for the sake of mutual survival.

5. New Entity – not only does a new approach emerge, but through this new approach emerges a new entity. This new entity is expressed by cooperation of all parts, where each part receives what’s necessary for its sustenance, and gives any surplus for the benefit of the whole.

So, what would happen if we would reconstruct our interdependent situation cooperatively, where we would mutually care for each other?

Just imagine how much lower costs would be for all kinds of products and services if everyone’s calculation across the whole chain of production, distribution and marketing wasn’t focused on “How can I reap the most benefit for myself out of this transaction?” but, “How can I give my ‘global family’ the best possible product or service that they need at the best possible price?”



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  1. Ahevah Love Gumbo Achad Avatar
    Ahevah Love Gumbo Achad

    Amazing 😍 keep me informed thank you so Much Todah Rabbah

  2. Ahevah Love Gumbo Achad Avatar
    Ahevah Love Gumbo Achad

    Amazing 😍 keep me informed

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