Heaven on Earth: New Age of the Living Christ

Heaven on Earth MUST herald in a post-historic post A.D. timeframe to actually reach h[om]e with that Idea/ Desire. The idea here is to find a crucifix and take Jesus off. Putting him in a Natural setting and photographing the end result. The claim here is that through art all things are possible now like never before… My example was shot on the top of my altar/ bookcase of a lightbulb and some foil and a stick found at the beach that day. Something anyone can do! ~Gregory S.

When a critical mass participates, you will have your Kingdom of Heaven on earth be well in the making..

Resurrection requires an ending and a new beginning. This one reaffirms the age of exile is over and a new age of reunion is being restored, one with not separate from all that is. Required are an open mind and a true sense of urgency. The urgency of now means In Now we trust. Now being the space [in time] we c[om]mune with the Divine Presence of the Creator. This is an intersection where empirical evidence reveals the space in between that man-made time can’t touch. By touch, I mean control, measure, and determine.

That said, there is an entire infrastructure that follows this breakthrough. This system is based on a post-historic,pro-future mindset identifying more as a verb, ( God is a Verb, Love is a Verb, I Seem to be a Verb). [It] essentially is based on true self equality and the 4 freedoms.

What creates the space for Heaven on Earth is the intersection where science and art meet in the present m[om]ent. We get there through language/ c[om]munication requiring an understanding of the original meaning of the yin yang. ( as [it] relates to time). Time is the 4th dimension.

The practical application of 4D
The same language that built pyramids, for instance, that was destroyed by the short-sighted likes of Father Time and his man vs nature, us vs them, divide and conquer, control and colonize the other mindset. The other = all that is indigenous, making her a less than the system of beliefs. In the Egyptian and Mayan calendars for instance the cycle of 26,000 years ( 13,000 Patriarchal /13,000 matriarchal, just changed.

We are entering the Matriarchal cycle now and so must revisit the structures that the original timekeepers kept and make alterations that put us more in sync with Nature. This will support us recognizing Nature with a capital “N”, then we have a chance as a species to take down the wall that kept us separate and wanting…

The all-seeing eye is watching.






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