Understanding the Point in the Heart – How Connection Between People is the Key to Happiness – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom


One of the first things people learn about when they first come to study Kabbalah is a concept called “the point in the heart.” We are told that those who come to study Kabbalah, especially those who persist with it despite difficulties and hurdles, are people with a developed, or a strong point in the heart. Those who have it, kabbalists tell us, are more likely to succeed in their learning and advance on spiritual degrees.

|-Rav Michael Laitman

Evolution vs. Entropy


The goal should be for all people, if they truly are connected as one organism, and this is what we’re discovering now; we’re discovering that nature is global, that the connection between all the parts has to be harmonious, completely so, and that our growth promotes us toward it among ourselves, and that we have to connect in a uniform way to the inanimate, the vegetative, and animal because everything is one.

So it turns out that we have to transcend our egos and build ourselves in the opposite way to our current structure, where we all want to exploit others and gain at the expense of everyone else; that according to our nature, we just want to see ourselves greater than others. Now instead, we have to see ourselves as one, equal, like a family where one cannot be happy if the other is miserable. And to bring this awareness to people is the main goal.

Now, again, I’m saying it’s only the first stage, this awareness. Stage two is how do we build an environment that helps each person by affecting us to transcend our own evil and achieve this love: “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” basically love of others?

In the end, we see that nature is compelling us to connect among ourselves in a positive and tight form, complementing each other like a single organism, like cells in an organism where each works only to complement the work of the whole body. Eventually, we’re all going to have to acknowledge the fact that we must all compliment the human community, and in this harmonious way, reciprocal way, we’re going to have to work.

|-Rav Michael Laitman from an Interview With Caroline Adams Miller