Unification to the General System of Nature (Mutual Guarantee)

“We need to have our own input in our development. We have to strive for the unification of all of the parts of nature and understand that this is the highest degree of our development; this gives us the “human” form. By doing this we acquire the integral force of nature and guide the human society to flourish.”

|-Rav Michael Laitman, from “The Relevance of the Mutual Guarantee

Item 28 “Arvut” by Rav Ashlag

Now we fully understand the previous words, for he says, “Now therefore, if ye will hearken unto My voice indeed, and keep My covenant,” meaning make a covenant on what I am telling you here, that ye shall be Mine own treasure from among all peoples. This means that you will be My treasure, and sparks of purification and cleansing of the body shall pass through you onto all the peoples and the nations of the world, for the nations of the world are not yet ready for it. And at any rate, I need one nation to start with now, so it will be as a remedy for all the nations. And therefore he ends, “for all the earth is Mine,” meaning all the peoples of the earth belong to Me, as do you, and are destined to cleave to Me (see Item 20).

Mutual guarantee for each other is a correction that all mankind must receive from above. As a result, everyone will be obliged to come to the form of Adam HaRishon, that is, to become like one man with a common mind and heart.

We will not see any partitions between us, but we will feel ourselves existing in one body: both in the spiritual sense and in the corporeal, which includes all our desires, thoughts, qualities, and hopes.

There will be no separation between us. We will look by ourselves for what can divide us, and thus eliminate these differences and become as one. Then we will acquire the form of a man, Adam, similar to the Creator.

This noble goal is to be achieved by all people and all nations, for our future lies in it. Let us hope it comes as soon as possible. All this depends on how we can break down the walls that separate us so that nothing separates us from each other, and all the differences that we are now discovering have turned into forces of connection. And then the darkness will shine like light.

The more tightly we unite, the more we will feel how the upper light, the Creator, fills all the gaps between us. And all the obstacles that disturbed the connection will, on the contrary, become sources of uniting forces. That is why we will feel 620 times greater unity, attainment, and the feeling of the revelation of the Creator together as one spiritual Kli. All this is thanks to the mutual guarantee.

It is said that darkness will shine like light. That is, the differences, the forces of confrontation that we cannot overcome yet, will turn into their opposite, into a powerful connection and such strong ties that we will feel like one whole, in one heart, in a single system where everyone supports everyone as one.

The confrontation will turn into a supporting force. It is due to the correction of distance, differences, internal resistance, and rejection of a person by another, that the small, almost imperceptible light that is between us will receive a 620-fold gain. Then everyone will clearly feel the whole world as one person filled with the force of the Creator without any differences and barriers. Thus we come to a full mutual guarantee.

||-From KabTV’s “The Arvut” 5/23/23


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