Technology of Mind Over Matter and Eternal Access to the World to Come

The Origins of Disease

“Our consciousness, expressed through our behavior and actions, determines the quality and strength of the bonds in every atom in our being. Selfish egocentric consciousness undermines the bonds, disrupts the healthy recycling of atoms in our body, and makes us vulnerable to the environmental influences of illness and aging. In the simplest of terms, when we’re reactive, living a life governed by self-interest, our atoms resonate with this same intelligence. They will tend to want to dump (instead of share) their negative load (electrons) on neighboring atoms to make themselves happy and stable. When the negative consciousness of one group of atoms is the opposite of the sharing consciousness of neighboring atoms, their atomic bonds are weak. Their opposing natures repel each other, inevitably leading to separation and space between atoms on the physical level.”

|― Rav Berg (2008). Nano: Technology of Mind over Matter. The Kabbalah Centre International.

Remember that time a virus began to spread all the world over and we each shared the same choices, being faced with the same truth(s)?

Well, that type of thing certainly can and will happen a-gain, only next time, let us make it be a positive dialogue, shall we?


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