The Secret of the Perception of Reality – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

In this world, in our little egoism, we feel only what it can catch. The wisdom of Kabbalah and, in particular, *The Book of Zohar *, for example, says that a person perceives everything within himself, but there is really nothing around us. Everything we see is a reflection of our inner state. In fact, physically none of this is in front of me, it is all in me.

Kabbalah tells us about the mystery of our perception of reality. The world that seems to exist outside of us is called a contrived, as it were, fantastic world, which I imagine so by my internal qualities. And the fact that I see the appearance of more and more new objects and phenomena occurs because I develop inside myself and thus see everything supposedly from the outside.

The fact that a person sees everything inside himself, i.e., perceives only himself, can be scientifically proven. Psychology and philosophy say a lot about this.

Outside of us, there is only the white light of the Creator, His absolutely equal attitude toward us. And all the qualities that we see outside of us, which we imagine to be all kinds of objects, forces, movements, these are our internal qualities and phenomena.

Everything that we experience within ourselves is reflected supposedly in front of us, outside of us. I am like a movie projector that projects my own, mostly black egoistic qualities into the white light. And that’s how I see the world. Therefore, it is said that you see the world that you create.

If you want to see a kind world, you must be kind yourself. You draw the world. Draw it the best, it’s up to you. Do you want to be happy? Be it.

|-Rav Michael Laitman – KabTV – “Kabbalah – Science of Life” 3/1/18


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    If you try to live in the present, everything is possible. All the time present, watch your breath with attention, with great attention, with fully focused mind.

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