The 72 Names of God #28 – Soul Mate + Zohar – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

AYIN-BET (The 72 Names of God) ~Reflections #28 – SHIN ALEPH HEY – Guardian angel, Seheiah – “God Who Heals the SiDE” 


Looking for the perfect date, the ideal mate, true friends, loyal associates, or the right business partner?

When a single unified soul is set to enter into this material dimension, it is first divided into two halves—male and female. As these two halves of one soul undergo transformation in the physical world, either through suffering and ordeal or through proactive spiritual transformation, they progressively draw closer to one another. The uniting of two halves of one soul is an inevitable fate, but the timing depends upon their level of spirituality.

When the time is ripe, true soul mates find one another even if they are worlds apart—whether physically, on opposite sides of the globe, or spiritually, with contrasting lifestyles and backgrounds.

Moreover, the concept of soul mates does not refer only to marriage. The concept of soul mates also applies to relationships with friends, business colleagues, and partners in every sort of shared endeavor.

The energy of soul mates is aroused through this sequence of letters. You attract the other half of your soul. All of your existing relationships are deeply enriched, imbued with soul mate energy.

Zohar (“Book of Splendor”)
Trumah (“Offering”)
(80) “The seven blessings of the bride”

789. In honor of the supernal Bride, we should make a beautiful canopy with beautiful decorations to invite the supernal Bride to this canopy. Just as in every Covenant of circumcision below, we should decorate a beautiful second chair for him who is zealous for the sign of the Covenant who comes there. Similarly, here, we should have beautiful decorations to cover the canopy, in honor of a Bride.

790. This one is similar to that one, and the one is elevated with Seven Blessings, while the other is elevated with Seven Blessings. Therefore, it is prohibited to cohabit with her until she has been included with these Seven Blessings, as is with the one of above.

791. The Bride inherits these Seven Blessings from the Supernal Spirit, the place from where all the blessings are drawn. There are six blessings that the Bride is blessed with, yet you say there are seven. The seventh one establishes them all.

Sepher ha Zohar (“Book of Splendor”)
Tzav (“Command!”)
(3) “Whither does the cleaving of the wish rise up to?

14. When the supernal point, CHOCHMAH, and the World to Come, BINAH, rise BY THEIR ILLUMINATION, only the smell is known, like smelling an odor and being perfumed by it. This is not pleasure (Heb. nachat) CALLED ‘SAVOR (HEB. NICHOACH),’ as written: “And I will not smell the odor of your sweet savors,” (Vayikra 26:31, AS ODOR AND SAVOR ARE DIFFERENT THINGS. The odor of sweet savor MEANS the odor of wish, namely of all those wishes in a prayer, the wish of singing and the wish of the priests, all of which are the secret of man. They were all made then into one wish, called ‘savor’ or ‘wish’ in the Aramaic translation. Everything is then connected and properly shines together, as we have learned.

Quote found in Billy Phillips’ Atom and Eve / The Zohar NASA Lectures course

| –All Zohar cropped and translated from

|~Reflections from { ZOHAR – LECH LECHA (“get you out, for your sakes“), chapter 27. And Hashem came to Avram in vision

A Second idea [Verses 279-281]: According to Kabbalah, soul mates are two halves of one soul. If two people are soul mates living on opposite ends of the world, circumstances will eventually arise that will lead them across vast continents and oceans in order that they may encounter one another and reunite. The Aramaic words expressing this spiritual truth, assist us towards that end.

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