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Carbon 7 is a reference to the isotope mass of an atom. The reference to 666 in the Bible, the so-called number of the beast – and we are that beast – is a description of the carbon atom of which we are composed, 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons, while 616 is a description of the carbon atom with 6 protons, 1 neutron, and 6 electrons. There is some scholarly debate ongoing as to whether the original Biblical text translates to 666 or 616, but it doesn’t really matter since both are relevant for our purposes.

There is precious little information about some of the chemical complexities of this so far, but we have had to probe the matter to the extent of understanding, at least a little, the purpose of the neutron not addressed by science.

The neutron functions as a type of go-between for protons and electrons, a communicative and translative mechanism between matter (protons) and spirit (electrons). This is a reference to the gross physical self of everything on Earth, including humans, and that which animates it, the electrical being, or the energetic duplicate of everything. If six neutrons in the present configuration functioned as a kind of kaleidoscopic, almost prismatic, translative mechanism, then with 616 there is now unneeded complexity, or “junk”-littered communication going on through this six-faceted neutron.

Though incredibly complex, the basic concept as a whole is expressed fairly simply: 666 = human, 616 = the more fluid and insubstantial being we will precipitate out of the “formless,” or metarealm, for continued interaction with 3D planes. In other words, to create anything at all you have to have two things and bring them into union. The local, seriously stepped down and ultimately false correspondence on our level is the physical union between a man and a woman to make a child. I say false because, as always, the appearance of it isn’t really what is happening.

The result of that (bigtime orgasmic) synthesis creates a third (or more) thing. Your consciousness is not nothing. Thought is stuff, things. When your consciousness merges with your metaself, it is stuff merging with other stuff through the union just discussed, a new entity will become and which will then have the facility to precipitate a carbon 7 “body” as needed in this, or other, plane/s. This instantly precipitated body will have all of the attributes of superhuman capabilities so often talked about in so many sources. After all, it’s going to take the much less substantial carbon 7 version of us to be able to walk through walls.

This isn’t going to be the trajectory for everyone, we should hasten to point out. Some will be going physically to other 3D systems (including a new planet awaiting human habitation), while some, namely the volunteers (see the Ascension Documents) will just go back to where they came from, rest up and perhaps embark on new assignments. While others will be moving into the Earth Overlay which is a higher consciousness form of Gaia (not Earth, but Gaia) awaiting those ready to move into that plane.

What’s most important to see right this second is that the carbon 7 being precipitated into form by your metaself is precisely the diamond, the crystal, the Christed being that so many old and new sources somewhat erroneously refer to. Why we say erroneous is because it’s somewhat likely that you have read you are becoming the crystal, the diamond, human, but you won’t be human at all as your metaself, and you will be only marginally classifiable as human when you precipitate a carbon 7 body to function on this plane.

Let’s deepen into how 6 relates to you and your world. Notice the “you and your world.” This also is not true. That is separation. What is true is to say you are your world. Since the geometric basis of your “world” is a cube, to pinpoint a location anywhere in it you have to have three coordinates (x, y and z coordinates), which defines 3 dimensionality. A cube has six sides, and so you have 3 dimensions, 1) up and down, 2) side to side, and 3) front and behind, and all of the Platonic Solids (of which all “matter” is composed) can be overlaid on- or into this cube with symmetry, and when they are, you have Metatron’s Cube (more on the geometry below). On an intuitive level, we see clearly the correspondence between the six neutrons and the six-sided cube. You are therefore constructed with carbon atoms that themselves define precisely how your world is perceived through the distortions and facets of 6 neutrons, and so in that way you are your world, your programmed perception of it. With 1 neutron, your very construction will define your immeasurably less limited perception.

By reducing from six neutrons to one, our perception changes from cubic space to an alternate form of space where “spatiality” is no longer composed of distance. Distance is characterized by here, or there, and “here” and “there” are what characterize separation. Separation is therefore what we all now know can only be experienced in a 3D realm, such as Earth as we currently experience it. And the realm, what we could call the Quantum, what some of are to phase into can only be characterized as distanceless, therefore devoid of separation. And what characterizes individuation without separation more than fluid? The coming Advent is the critical juncture at which some of us will transit from distance-based “space” to individuation without spatial separation. The physical self will no longer be required, depending on how expanded one’s consciousness is.

What’s very important to grok is that space characterized by distance is a precise definition of limitation. Why? Because you have to move through it to get somewhere, and therefore the passing or expenditure of time, and all limitation is borne from that basic premise. In a space characterized by distance, a necessary “physics” component of that is gravity. Take space/time/gravity out of the equation and what you have left is a thought-realm devoid of limitation.

As fun as all this is, it’s a rather small part of what is going on both here on Earth, in our solar system, in the galaxy, and also inter-galactically. Carbon 7 doesn’t apply to everyone, by any means. What’s more to the point right now is what we’re doing around here, as Sun of All Suns is a different “space” with a different plan than pretty much the rest of the planet.

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